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Hi ladies!
Im new to this group and just wanted to introduce myself. This is my second pregnancy(will be my first child) and Im excited and scared to death at the same time. I just found out this morning, 4 days before my "missed" period. I figured it would be positive because I am already feeling occasional bouts of nausea and cramps. So here I am!

I thought it might be fun for everyone to post their estimated due date and how far along you are:

Mine is April 23, 2009
3w3d! Long way to go!

Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy for everyone!****

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hi kamyrn20009

congratulations on ur bfp. this is my 3rd pregnancy, i have a dd 6 and a ds 2.
not sure what my due date is as i am pretty sure i ovulated late, didi not get my bfp till i was 10 days late. by my lmp i am due march 26 but by my conceptioon date i am due 7 april so thats the date im going with.
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Congratulations to you as well! Wow I am way too anxious to wait 10 days after being late to test! That would've drove me nuts! Well I hope he/she will be an April baby!
Congrats again!!!!
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This is my third pregnancy, but the first two ended in miscarriage. I am also pretty nervous, but hopeful. My betas have been soaring this past week and I am scheduled for an ultrasound this Thursday morning. My due date is April 9th, 2010 and I am 5 weeks 3 days now. Good luck ladies!! Crossing my fingers for all of us...
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I'm at 5 wks today and the due date is April 13.  I'm very happy and excited and want to say congratulations to you all.
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congratulations girls


believe me i am impatient, i did 8 tests before i got a postive lol. thats why i am pretty sure i ovulated late. i was just looking at ur due date, i was due my son the 23 april as well:)
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Congrats to all!!!*** Im so excited for everyone!

Was your son actually born on the 23rd? I know due dates are just estimates but im just curious.

I know how you feel. Trying again after miscarriage can be nerve recking! But my fingers are crossed for the both of us! Let me know how your first ultrasound goes!***
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Hello Girls :)
I am 5w5days & am due April 8th 2010!
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Hi :)
I am due April 9, 2010 & this is my first pregnancy! Im very nervous because it wasnt planned but we will make the best of it of course. I have a 100 questions!
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i was induced on the 25th due to high blood pressure but i think i would have had him anyway within another day or two of that. i was 9 days early with my dd. i think its only something like 5% of people give birht on their due date.
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Hi everyone!
I am due April 2nd, 2010 and I am currently more pregnant than last time.  By this point last pregnancy the baby was already gone, so I am feeling pretty pumped.  I am 6w4days.
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Hello lovely ladies :)

This is my first child, but not first pregnancy. I'm staying really positive!! I tell myself every morning how healthy my growing baby and my body are. I am eternally grateful! I just LOVE being pregnant. Every now and then I get all worried again, my last pregnancy was with twins and lost at 6 1/2 weeks (Nov 08).

My due date is April 8th, tomorrow I'll be 6weeks YAY!
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Today I'm 7w (gestation) but my EDD was pushed forward a week b/c of late O so my fetal age today is 6w. Thus, EDD is 4/7/10 so far. I have 2nd ultrasound scheduled today to hear heartbeat. I'm so nervous/worried that somethign will be wrong or we won't hear it!!
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Hi bioclock,

I know what you mean about the worrying, I'm staying positive. My dr said he will do scans at 12 weeks... that's 6 weeks away for me! I've also got my first obstetrician appt in 3 weeks, on Aug 24. I've not had any betas, just a confirmed blood test from dr. I've got lots of symptoms too.

Good luck lovely ladies :)
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Hello ladies, I just came across the site and I am anxious to read what we will all experience. My husband and I are on pg. #3 and still not baby. We had some bad experiences with the last 2 and ended up losing them both, Three is a charm I hope. I am in my 8th week - I think but nothing well be confirmed until week 12 - when my doc will see me. I thought I should have gotten in earlier to see a doc but they dont seem too concerned til week 12. Oh well...I am due april 1 accroding to my estimates and im pretty sure im on track with it too. Fingers crossed that all of our April babies will be healthy and happy little angels. :)
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It looks like a lot of us have been through one, if not more, miscarriages. Just to let you all know im here for support! Hopefully we all will hold our little angels this time around***

tobbeyj & sazy26
Does you doc know about the previous miscarriages? Im pretty sure they are supposed to do beta's, ultrasounds, or something to monitor the pregnancy when you've had a miscarriage(most do anyway) HMMM... Is it possible to get another doc?
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Hi.  I am seven weeks, one day.  I am so happy to be pregnant, and also worried about miscarriage.  This is my first pregnancy, so I am hoping for a healthy boy or girl and a great, easy pregnancy.  I am so excited about mommyhood I am willing to put up with a lot, though : )  
Good luck to us all!
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I forgot to say: I am due April 1st, 2010... an April fools day baby.
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I have contacted two docs already - both want to see me at the 12 week mark and apparantly getting an US is highly unlikely even after the MC's I experienced. The health care here - although free is not the best. I am hoping after I share my experience with the docs that they will use their brains and US me right away. Who knows...until then I can just pray that everything is normal and that they will do their jobs according the ethics.

I am due April 1st too - looks like we will have alot of goofy babies!  :)
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I am due April 1st S well. :)
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I meant, I am due April 1st as well.. :)
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Congrats to everyone! =)

This is my 4th pregnancy.

My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. After that I became pregnant and had a beautiful little girl who is now 5, almost 6.  A little over a yr after having her I became pregnant again and it also ended in miscarriage. However a few mnths later I learned I was pregnant again. That pregnancy ended with me having a handsome little boy.

Sadly however we lost our little boy the day after he turned 2.  We have given it some time and alot of thought and then decided to try one more time.

My due date is April 13th 2010
Im 5 weeks and 4 days
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Wow, that must have been unbelievably hard for your family! Im glad that you've decided to try again despite your obstacles and the girls here are really supportive, so if you ever need to talk we're here!
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Thank you.. thats really sweet of you. =)

Same to all of you.. if anyone needs to talk or vent etc.. im here! =)
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Hello Ladies, my due date is april 15th and i am 5weeks 4 days... just booked my doctor's appointment for this thrusday am excited as this is my first pregnancy :) sending baby dust to all you ladies :)
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