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misscarrage and trying again

Hi I am Annie, I am new to this.

I have  three children 16, 14 and 7, All born by c-section, I had a misscarage before each of them, my first was ment to be twins but i lost one at 13 weeks, the second miss was a month before I fell for my second, each of those came away with no problems however the miss i had before my third was really bad and i needed a D&C i bleed for about 3 months then fell straight away for my son, I have a heartshaped uterus and overian cycst that give me pain when ovulating, and was told i could not have anymore after my son. After having a lapeoscapie ( sorry cant spell that ) in May 2009 was told everything was perfect in there and i could have one more, well we tried all year and nothing then we gave up and fell pregnant, i was so happy the 8 weeks almost 9 i started to bleeda scan showed the baby had stopped at 5 weeks the heart was still beating but was so slow, later on that evening the pains began and i had another D&C on the 10th March 2010, I was told it would be 2 weeks then i would have a period its been 19 days and nothing, I am getting cramps some mild some very painful indead but no blood, i have been having unprotected sex could i be pregnant or will it take longer, i am frustrated because  i cant try again until my period has been and gone. Someone help me please. Im so depressed
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