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Differences in pregnancies

Just a curiosity question. I have heard people saying they will feel different during pregnancy if the sex of the baby is different. I am now having my second girl and really the pregnancy has felt very similiar. No morning sickness or food aversions. Fatigue, but that has gone away in the second trimester. As far as carrying I think I am carrying lower this time but I am not 100% sure.
So do you girls think this is true?
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My pregnancies with my two boys were very different and this one different again, fun trying to guess though!
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My pregnancies have been similar and different at the same time..I was very sick in the beining with both but with my son i was on bedrest for awhile because i couldnt stop passing out..i have passed out a few times with this one ( a girl) but not like i did with my son. I feel like i am carrying the same as I did with my son im just not as big but my boobs are getting a lot bigger this time! lol
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See that just goes to show that it is probabaly a wives tale. People will say that you will feel different because we are talking estrogen vs. testosterone and I havnt known what to believe and since I am having another girl I don't have much to compare too. I think it is just a rumor!!
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i was wondering the same, this pregnancy is identical to my first (a girl) its almost like clockwork when the cravings and weird dreams are kicking in the only differance this time is i feel as though im carrying lower too but cant be 100%. i find out what it is next friday :)
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All of mine have been pretty much the same until about week 20...with all 3 pregnancies, I have been horribly nauseous, weak, dizzy, tired..the same kinda cramps and aversions (but different cravings)...but 20 wks seems to be where they change for me. With my daughter, my headaches and nausea went away. with my 1st son, my nausea went away but my headaches got worse...with this one, my nausea comes and goes on a daily basis, and my headaches have stayed the same...

so with 1 girl and 2 boys I can say that if I went by the first trimester I would have 3 of the same gender, lol. I swore that baby #2 was going to be another girl because the beginning of that pregnancy was IDENTICAL to #1.

the one huge difference I have noticed...with my daughter, I was the happiest, calmest, most balanced pregnant woman ever. with my son I was moody and volatile...and again with this pregnancy, the same sort of moods.

So I do think that the estrogen when you're carrying a girl can help balance you out, and for ME, the testosterone from carrying a boy seems to set my hormones out of whack and make me unreasonable. Who knows...but that's what I've noticed out of all 3 of my pregnancies :-)
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