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My daughter is almost 5 months old now! Wow can you believe it?!? Even though I'm still exclusively nursing I got my period back (once I quit bleeding) almost instantly, I'd say roughly 3months after I had Kinz. Since then my cycle is EVERY 2 WEEKS!!!! Yes. I get my period like clockwork every 2 weeks! What's up with that?!? I have PCOS, have sketchy periods for most of my adult life, and now I have regular periods but in double time! Grrrr. How are the rest of your cycles? Did they come back "normal"?
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well, lets see baby was born in april bled for a month! then it came in june, july, and august... nothing yet for september.... still waiting.. it has not been as i would say regular.. like it was b4 baby, it comes when it wants to .. the strangest thing is I don't get all the PMS signs i used to b4 baby, i usually would get like sore boobs 2 weeks b4 period, I don't anymore,all i get now are bloating ( dont u just love that!) and cramps.... and the cramps r not as bad as they used to be b4 baby either. i still get them but I can live through them ..lol  it really strange how things/ my body change since the baby.... i had a c-sec and sometimes when i get the cramps i swear i feel like someone is ripping me from the inside..trying to get out... but then it goes away... thank god but the pain is really strange but then again i had a c-sec who knows what they did in there!!... oh well hope it all falls back into place eventually!!!!!!!!!!! good luck to u!
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Hey Ladies:) Hope everyone is doing great and adjusting well....Well I had Jalah on April 3rd. Bled for the entire month of April. Inserted the Mirena on May 15th I bled until late July. It tapered off in August and at the end of August I finally had what seemed like my period coming back on time. It lasted 5 days (My normal cycle is 28days with a 3 day period each cycle)  and came when it was supposed to. In September same thing. end of the month and going on day 4. So far it seems like I'm finally getting back to normal. I'll give it a couple more months. I'm not even sure if I'm ovulating correctly either. I may just get some tests just to see if I do. Then I'll know for sure that I'm totally back to normal.....Women are such great creatures. We go through a lot. It's amazing. I wish everyone's a speedy return "back to normal" lol

Spoilbabe, you're lucky. I know my cramps got worse:(...lol
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