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Labor (VBAC) Story!!

I had a cesarean with my first daughter in August 2013 and my goal for the end of this labor was to have the best possible chance of having a natural vaginal delivery.
Back on Friday (4/24), I was only 2cm at 50% and already 40 weeks and 4 days. My doctor did a more "aggressive" cervical exam in hopes of jump starting labor. If I didn't go into labor over the weekend, I had an appointment Monday for a non-stress test and to discuss induction because of hitting 41 weeks. My mom and step-dad live 6 hours away (along with Hubby's parents), but they were up visiting this weekend helping us prepare for baby's arrival since she was late and they were working with limited time off work.  My mom had me walking a lot! We took my older daughter to the park and we walked around a large outdoor mall and two grocery stores... Well, my mom and step-dad started their drive home on Sunday and BAM I started contractions.
At first they were about 10 minutes apart early in the afternoon, but rather quickly turned into 3 minutes apart starting around 3pm (4/26.) I continued to get contractions as close as 2 minutes apart by the time I was admitted at around 7pm (30 minute drive to hospital.) I was already 4cm and 80% when we were admitted to the hospital! We had to bring our daughter to the hospital with us and my parents (who were about halfway home) turned around and drove back! I'm so lucky to have them! They went ahead and drove our daughter back to our house until delivery. My contractions never waivered and continued at 3,2 &1 minutes apart for my entire labor.  I was doing really well until they checked me again at 3am (4/27) and I was still 4cm. If I hadn't have had the previous csection, they would have sent me home. Instead, they offered to break my water and I agreed (it hurt.) The contractions became much harder and longer after that.  I used many other forms of pain management including walking, hands & knees position, bouncing on the ball, laying in all kinds of positions, and the last resort was laying in the tub.  They all helped for a bit until I would progress AND I was throwing up multiple times an hour from the painful contractions. Actually, the contracting from throwing up added to the pain of the labor contractions which is what ultimately lead me to the decision to get an epidural at about 10am (was 5cm & about 90%) Thankfully, the epidural help the dilation along and before noon I was 7cm & almost 100% and then 9cm at 1pm. So, just after 2pm I was 10cm and "laboring down!". Unfortunately, once we were close to delivery, my daughter's heart rate would take slight dips at each contraction.  I was warned that I may not get to hold her right away because that is a sign of cord compression. (I was told after delivery that at two different times the cord had wrapped around her neck and she pooped right before she came out.)
I was in labor a total of 24 hours and only pushed for just less than the last half hour! Our second daughter Adelaide Mae was born at 3:12pm on 04/27. She was 8lbs 4oz and 21.5in long! They had to clear the meconium out of her mouth and throat to get her breathing (which was such a scary moment, but I still got to hold and nurse her so much earlier than I did with our first after the csection.
I tore both up and down, so I have good number of stitches and (OMG!) Like 5 hemorrhoids (which hurt worse than the stitches do.). I have to say though, this is still 100x better than how crappy I felt after the csection!!! If you are approved to do a VBAC, at least try for it because it is definitely worth it! Big sister (Amelia Rose) is so intrigued by the baby and likes to "hold" her! We're so excited and I wish
The Best for all of you ladies who are still awaiting your baby's arrival!! Good luck!
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