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list you most hated comments

Hey we've heard lots what's been some of the comments that have pissed you off or just annoyed you?

My next door neighbor...it's been a while now....thanks now I feel like I must just look like fat bloated hippo waddling around..... ( I'm a size xl/18 in pants before baby #3 so not to offend.)
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Are you sure there's only one in there?!!!!!
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This nurse I work with told me that I'm fat and it looks lie I'm ready to pop! Told her to **** off! People are soooooo mean and it is really depressing :(
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With my first i was 34 so my aunt tells me to look after myself cause im actually too old to have kids. Well karma was a ***** because her older daughter had a baby and at her 6 week checkup pp she was pregnant again....with twins. 3 kids within a year..next time i saw her i left a thinly veiled comment about waiting 6 weeks to have sex...
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I agree with mom_of_3_2015. I hate when people ask me if it's twins. My sister also makes comments about how huge this baby must be even though my dr says im right on track.
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You don't need to eat that donut your going to struggle to loose the weight after the baby! Don't worry about what I eat if I want a damn donut every once in a while I'm eating a damn donut!!!! My mom!! I was super pissed!
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Mines the opposite as katienor. We don't normally have a lot of junk food or sugary desserts at our house because we just don't eat them. However, people keep telling me not to worry about what I eat and that I have an excuse since I am pregnant. I'm sick of hearing about how I'm so tiny. If I don't crave bad food, why do you want me to?
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These are great!
When I was pregnant with baby #2 I got told my my bosses wife "are you really gonna eat that...your gonna end up like fatty after you have the baby"
OH I remeber I went off on her and even left early that day and cried at work.... (after I had him I lost weight  I was retaining alot of water with that pregnancy)
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"Hmmm... are you sure you should be eating that???"

"Isn't that bad for the baby?"

"Oh! I would NEVER do that if I were pregnant!"

"Aren't you DONE having kids by now!?"

"Oh, I could NEVER have a home-birth, I'd be too afraid of hurting my baby!"
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31wks..."how much weight have you gained?" Exactly 20lbs "well you really need to be careful not to gain more, you don't want to struggle to lose it, you of all ppl know how difficult it is to lose weight when you're heavy"
From my grandmother tonight over the phone...I love her, but...
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My husbands friend called his wife big swoll the entire time she was prego!
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My husband calls me shamu .-. It pisses me off so bad..
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"That cheeseburger is why you're fat."
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