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living in america

i actually feel sorry 4 you amercian women , the stuff you have 2 go through like getting insurance and having 2 pay 4 conpletely everything is crazy , because here in england we get everything free except the baby stuff obviously , but we dont have to pay the hospital 4 the birth or get insurance , yeah we pay taxes but what you ladiea have 2 pay out is unblieveable , i just hope you all have a good pregnancy and not stress , because i see that some of you are struggling but ur not alone , everything will turn out great in the end , good luck 2 all you ladies in the USA :) x
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Lucky!! That's awesome things are covered over there. On top of ypu guys having Dr.Who & David morrisey lol!!
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Aww thanks! It does s.u.c.k. having to pay and stress over this. I'm just hoping it all works out in the end! Good luck to you!
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Its mostly free in australia to
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It's free in Canada as well - It also bothers me how much Americans have to pay to bring a beautiful baby into the world. I think if I lived in the US and had to pay all that money it would deter me from having children. But I hope all goes well for all of you ♡
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In Ukraine and Russia we also have everything free. I still can't believe that American women need to pay so  much money for delivering their own babies.. its very sad :-(
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The Republican party here in the U.S. already hates Medicaid and Obamacare, so I doubt that we will get free anything for maternity/paternity whereabouts on a federal level for a long time.
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Agreed! So much respect for you all. Makes the NHS over here look incredible. I don't know how I would cope!
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I am lucky enough to have the job I have. I work in a hospital, they offer us health insurance and if we choose to get seen here at the hospital for any reason, it is completely covered, what the insurance doesn't cover, the hospital takes care of the rest of it. So I just pay about $40/month for health insurance and everything else is taken care of. I am blessed.
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We have really good health insurance but still crazy amounts of copay and deductibles. I have to pay the first $2,000 for any tests and medical procedures out of my own pocket and then my insurance picks up the rest. And if I need to go to the hosp it's a $150 copay plus whatever I owe on my deductible. We pay $250/month and my husband's job pays the rest which is better than when he had a job that didn't offer insurance we were paying over $500/month for it. Also, what is bad about America is thst we do t get any paid maternity leave at all. Some jobs don't even offer leave. You need to work in a company thst has over 50 employees in order to get FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) and that just says your job is secure for 12 wks  while you are out.
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We were just looking through my prenatal bills about an hour ago... It was slightly stressful receiving bills from both my doctor and the hospital and not getting detailed information on what I'm being charged for. I had to call and find out that the hospital is charging me because they analyzed my blood work (that was done at the doctor's office.  
Also, I'm a little mad about having to pay over $2000 for VBAC (even though I'm planning on natural delivery with no medication at all) and other women are paying LESS than $2000 just because there is a 1% chance of my scar tissue rupturing because I had to have a csection last time. Believe me, it wasn't my choice. And if I have to have another csection because something goes wrong it will cost around $2500... Those are just delivery costs, not including prenatal. I'm very blessed to have insurance, but when it all adds up even just paying a portion is still a lot.
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I was lucky enough to find a midwife here that will do our delivery for free. And we get to go on adventures with her in the meantime. :)
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I have already paid about $1500 at my prenatal appointments. They split it up over 5 payments. At this point I should have met my deductible. So now fit the hospital, we will be responsible for 10% of the total hospital cost.  I am having another c-section, which will probably mean about another $2000-$2500.
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