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Help! I thnk I might be pregnant!

I have been on the pill for about a year now and this month I forgot my pills and missed the  week. Then I missed two pills in the second week. Terrible I know. My partner and I have been having sex all month. Everyday the week that I forgot to take my pills, without protection. We also had sex nearly everyday the second week. I did not make up my pill right, I just started taking the second week of pills. Now about one week until my period is due I've had light, brown spotting that only lasted an hour. And I've been a little nauseous. I know it's possible to spot when you miss pills and I know 30% of woman expirence implantation bleeding, could that be what I'm expirencing? or could it just be because I missed pills two weeks ago? I can't take a test for another week and it's driving me crazy.

I appreciate your help!
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i understand what you're going through. yes it's possible you are pregnant. take a home preg test and see what it says. also, if i were you, either make sure you don't forget your pills again or just refrain from sex during the time you're not taking them.
if you are pregnant, you are. its okay. believe me, it's an amazing experience, but remember, you have to be careful with birth control. it's a tricky little medication. if i were you, i would continue to take my birth control pills until i knew for sure i was or wasn't pregnant. you could also just call your ob/gyn's office and schedule a preg test. they can also schedule a blood test for the same day. and blood tests don't lie. they're the real thing. the results don't take more than a day or two and you can just refrain from sex or the pill during that time.
talk to your doctor. they're there to help you. if you're not pregnant, perhaps you should look into getting on a different kind of birth control. one that doesn't require you to take it everyday. such as the patch or something. you only change it once a week and you really can't forget it. be smart. don't freak out. when you stress yourself out about all this, your body will do crazy things. it can postpone your period for days.. weeks.. or even months believe it or not. worrying about it can also cause you to be sick or feel nausiated. call your doctor if you're really that worried. trust me, they're there to help.
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