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Is there anybody out there?

Any August Mummies around anymore?

How are our bubs going?

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Hi!! It was really by accident that I ened up here lol!! Yes I had a Aug 08 baby but I am never on here anymore.......Im on Aug 09 now, lol!! My last son was born August 29 2008.  He is almost 5 months now and growing so fast!! I cant beleive he is that old (not that that is old) It seems like he was just born last week, lol!! And now I am expecting another befor my baby turns 1!!!
How is your little girl?? How are you feeling?? Have you lost all the pregnancy weight yet?? I havent, lol!! I weigh as much now as I did when I delivered!! OUCH:(
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Wow! Congratulations! No wonder you haven't lost your pregnancy weight silly! What a great age gap. I think it will be a while before we TTC again.

Hazel was born on the 31st. I just saw a newborn baby today and she made Hazel look huge :(. Too fast.
She is just adorable, I am loving every second of her. My partner studies so we both get to spend quite alot of time with her, which is great. Still boobie fed. We will start solids in about a month and are probably going to do baby led weaning.

How are you? You have other children too, right? How is your little one? When are you due?

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I know the feeling about babies growing too fast, lol. It seems like everytime I but Dalton in a new size he out grows it within a month. My MIL wants to cut the feet out of his outfit and I told her no.............Just in case we need them(for another boy) He is now in 9 month clothes!! And he isnt even 5 months yet!! And he is only average weight. I have already started solids because we have had such a hard time eating. We have switched formula 5 times already and for some weird reason he has been sick 3 times already since birth (colds) Solids are easier for him than sucking on a bottle....................

As to your other questions.............
Im doing good as can be expected:) Very tired. Thats really the only complaint that I have at the moment. I am very busy with 3 boys. Tristan is almost 8, Hunter is almost 5 and than Dalton is almost 5 months.  My next little one is due around August 20th but I have never went till my due date according to my LMP. They always change my due date after an u/s anyways and I went 1 day past the u/s due date with my last baby, but still early:) We are hoping for a girl because this is our last but I have a feeling that it another boy, lol!!
Do you have any other children??
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Hi i had my baby boy  19th August 2008.His name is michael and is 5 months now.He was breech so i had 2 have c-section that wasnt 2 bad i was petrified but all went great.Hope to chat to u soon ..... vix aka vicki..
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Hi all I had my baby girl August 15, 2008 She is now 6 months old I dont come on here that much anymore. Recently, my baby just got her bottom 2 teeth. And she is on stage 2 foods
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