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Placenta previa with cervical pain since second month

My sonogram showed central placenta previa till 24 weeks. Now I am 33 weeks and another sonogram is due in a few days. I am very anxious to know if the placenta has migrated upwards or not. Also I am sufering from lower abdominal and cervial pain since second month and bleeding sonce fourth month, so advised bed rest since then. Please comment.
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its a good chance your previa has corrected itself i had this but it corrected itself at 20 weeks the bleeding may be caused by the previa i'll keep my fingers crossed for you
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Hi Dear,

Thanks a ton for boosting my confidence.
I am a doc myself, but youknow when you are not well everyone is patient. :-)

Let's hope for the best. I have my check up and sonography on this 10th.
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well im wishing you look sweety you and your baby will be just fine
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at 20 weeks i was diagnosed with placenta privia, im not experiencing no bleeding at all..thank god..im praying i dont until the end. I have been experiencing lovwer pain..like horrible and i didnt know if that had to do with the placenta privia, because reading on it doesnt really say anything  about pain  in lower area.
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