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4 month check up!

Eli went to his 4 month doctor visit this morning. He weighs 13 pounds 12 ounces and is 24.25 inches long. The doc said we were going to take him off the preemie growth chart because he is close to catching up with babies his age. I was wondering if any of you had you LOs 4 month visit yet and how much they weighed and how long they are.
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It sounds to me like Eli is doing great! Babies are only suppose to double their birth weight by four months, so being that he was preemie I would assume that he weighed less then 7lbs.  So, he is right on track! So, I am not to sure why your doctor still thinks is weight is at the bottom of the growth chart.

I have Cruz's  4 month appt next week, but he will be 4 months tomorrow (on the 11th) and I am only guessing that he weighs a little over 13lbs.  Last week he had his hand surgery and he was coming in at a little over 13lbs, so there you go. And he was not preemie he was born at 39wks and weighed 7lb 13oz, so he has not quite doubled his weight but close.  

Just remember these are just national averages, every baby is different. Just like adults!
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Eli sounds like is growing great. Taylor was born at almost 38 weeks (u/s dating) and at birth she weighed 7lbs 6 ozs. She turned 4 months on the 8th and 2 weeks ago at a GI appointment she weighed 13 bs 6 ozs. Im sure she is only a few ozs more by now. She is growing great considering she only eats maybe 15 ozs max during an average day.
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Wow my baby sounds like a little moo moo comparing to all of yours, he weighed 16lbs 3 weeks ago or so, and that is because we have had so much trouble with his formula he has tried 5 of them. He is now on soy
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We're going for Bella's appointment on Tuesday, but I did check her weight yesterday and she is 12 pounds.
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Pat4rod I hear ya...Miss abigail just went to the dr last monday when she was 4 1/2 months old and she weighs 18lbs 7 oz....My giant baby is beautiful though. Hard to believe she only weighed 6lbs 5 oz when she was born. I don't over feed her or anything she is just a big baby. I think at least 10lbs is in her chubby cheeks...lol
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18 pounds! OMG. We just got back from the dr and Bella weighs 11lbs 12oz. She's in the 22% for her age.
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well Alex had his 4 mo check up yesterday and he weighed 15 lbs 12 oz and 25 in long...
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well i had a doctors appointment on monday and just weighed gracie out of curiosity and she is sitting at 19lbs. 10oz. and is almost 26in. long....they give me a bad time (lovingly) about how i need to sell my breast milk!!  lol  she is def. in the 100 percentile...she also just cut her two bottom teeth...anyone else going through teething yet?!?  she is sitting up now and then on her own, but no rolling over yet?!?  i have also started introducing rice cereal and some first foods like the bananas and sweet potatoes, etc. pat~ we actually call gracie moo-moo for a little nickname!!  lol
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We had our 4m check up today, and he weighs 17lbs 3oz and is 26 INS long. He is such a joy I can not image life without him. We all love him to death
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so glad to see other huge babies! at her 4 month check dd was 16 lbs 4 oz and 25 inches long. She's so big! She's also been sitting since 3 1/2 months!!!!
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well I finally got Taylor in for her appointment. It was almost 2 weeks late but she weighed 14 lbs even (50%) 26.5 heigh (75%) and I dont remember what her head was but it was still in the 97%, lol. Why do ALL my kids have huge heads?? lol:~)
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We finally had our 4 month appt today. Matt is 15 lbs even and 25 inches long. He's very much on the 50% line. Doctor was very impressed with his head control and the fact that he can roll back to belly and belly to back already.
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