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Cruz has been throwing up for a week! : (

Cruz vomited once and has been doing so once a day for a week. He went to the pedi on Wednesday and he is not sick at all!!!!!

His appt was to check his weight because he fell off the chart. They put him on a 800+calorie diet to get him to gain weight! He gained almost 2lbs in one month so it is working! But I feel like I am feeding him all the time! So, when he vomits there goes his calories! I am so STRESSED out with this!!!!!!! I am counting my  calories to loose weight and I am counting Cruz's to make him gain!!! All I do is count calories!!!!

This is his food schedule
7:00 bottle (4oz of water mixed with 8 oz formula) we were told to do this
8:00 4oz of YoBaby Yogurt or some stage 2 fruit
10:00 (4oz of water mixed with 8 oz formula)
11:15 stage 2 veggie or table food
1:00 (4oz of water mixed with 8 oz formula)
4:30 2oz "meat" in a jar
6:30(4oz of water mixed with 8 oz formula)
7:00 4oz of juice and a snack

I cannot get him out of stage 2 jars because he gags himself. He is such a crazy eater! What will I do when he turns one in August???

Any ideas on what is going on???? Sneaky ways to get calories in are also very welcomed!!!!!

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honestly, that doesn't sound like there are too many extra calories. Sounds more like a normal diet for this age. you are giving 16 oz of formula a day, although if i am understanding correctly, since it's twice the concentration of powder, its the equivalent of 32oz/day? 32 oz is not an extreme amount for an 11 month old.
Formula aside, he is getting a typical amount of food, perhaps even less than most. It's a normal amount, I just don't see how they think it's a high-calorie diet. It's pretty nutritious, and I see why he is gaining normally on it. Perhaps he just wasn't taking enough before this "diet"? My little one is a piggie compared to Cruz, eating tons more solids and just as much formula, and she is not gaining rapidly anymore. she definitely didn't gain 2 lbs in the last month! she you are doing smething right now.

are you mixing the veggies with cereal? And when you make the cereal, are you making it with formula or water? Can he eat cheese? Have you tried a full-fat yogurt?

dont stress about when he turns one. its not like its a magic age where they suddenly need to be eating everything. you can continue babyfood as long as necessary. its healthier than the junk most toddlers eat anyways. You can also continue formula. I believe that a baby's nutritional needs don't magically change drastically overnight when a baby turns 12 months. Its a gradual process. And just like not all of the babies were sitting, crawling, etc... at the same time, they should not all be expected to magically change their eating habits at the same time.

Continue this diet, which seems typical, because obviously it's working. Keep offering and introducing new foods. try to sneak in higher calorie options like full-fat yogurt. I think yo-baby is 2%. I used to get stonyfields organic full-fat for my first. I would have suggested you ask for a referral to a gastro because of the lack of weight gain, but since he is now gaining I think it may be safe to assume his slow growth was due to diet and not a physiological reason.
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Thanks TBH! I call it.a diet because that is what the pedi's call it! I am fully aware that it is only in the norm, that is why I wish I could do more! He just will not take anything that is too chunky! I will look into the whole fat yogurt! You always give great advise and calm my fears thank you so much!
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I agree, Cooper eats more than this on a "normal" day!   He will eat 2-3 jars of stage 2 a day, plus table foods, and 24 ounces of formula.  However, he is at the point where he is not crazy about me feeding him, and although I know he still needs the baby food, he will spit it out in frustration.  He wants to feed himself.  SO, I am trying to include something he can feed himself at every meal.  Then, I sneak in bites of baby food when he opens his mouth, :)
His favorite is cheese slices, which I tear up into little balls.  He will gladly eat two slices at a setting and want more, tho I limit him to 2.  He also eats scrambled eggs (with milk mixed in); pancakes; Cheerios; diced apples, pears, peaches, bananas;   crackers, english muffins with all-fruit spread; peas, corn, green beans, etc.  Again, these are the foods I put on his tray to keep him happy and occupied while I try to sneak baby food into his mouth.  Mealtimes are quite messy at our house!
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Well jenkaye that is not really an option for me. Cruz does not like anything chunky. I would be more then happy to let him eat his own fingers food but he won't. So I would consider yourself lucky!

Sorry to be so brief, I just always have a hard time talking to you because my son Cooper passed away when he was 7wks old so everytime I read about your Cooper it really hurts. Nothing personal against you, so I hope you do not take this the wrong way!
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totally forgot to ask about the vomitting- is it at the same time everyday? before a meal or after? since his diet is so routine, it may be easy to isolate what is causing the problem. Or, is he teething? When my little one is extra drooley, she sometimes gags on the saliva and pukes.
By the way, i saw today that yobaby is full-fat yogurt. Maybe mix that in with some of the other meals (with stage 2 fruits or veggies)
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Hey TBH the vomiting was happening at different times of the day! He is teething, I think I saw about five teething emerging from his gums! That is what I thought was orginally causing the vomiting. He has actually not vomited since Friday! I bought him some stage 3 jars and if I blend it he will eat it all, so that is good! I am just tired of stressing! Thanks again, you always have good advice!
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Sorry for the typos I am using my blackberry! : (
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Aww, no problem, I totally understand. xoxo
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Thank you! I really appreciate you being so sweet! I was really afraid that I had offended you!
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