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Ear infections anyone?

Alex just got tubes last Friday for fluid that refused to go away after ear infections since Feb. Anyone else having this problem or ear infections at all yet?
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Cooper has had two, almost back-to-back.  He was *really* miserable with them, not himself at all-- crying, screaming, not sleeping at night.  I was actually kinda hoping for tubes, so we won't have to go thru this again (at least not anytime soon), but his doc siad they wouldn't even consider tubes until he's had 3-4 ear infections in a 6 month period.

Oh, and tabby, we went in on a Saturday and his ears were "FINE".  Well, yeah right, I knew better, and we were back in on Monday with a "horrible" infection.  It seems these things can come on very quickly, and apparently babies feel it before the doc can see it(???)
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Alex is the only baby to have an ear infection?

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Taylor had her 1st ear infection in Febuary. She also had RSV:~( It took forever to go away!! Dalton was hospitalized for the same thing only he had both ears infected, along with one of his ear drums busted:~( Taylor was checked yesterday because she wasnt eating and I her ears looked fine. Poor babies! I feel horrible when our LO's are sick:~(
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Cruz had one back in January. He was a nightmare. He would barely eat and he was just so fussy. After 14 days of Rx he was back to his old self and feeling great!

I hope this was the first and last time this happened. I truly think it was because his daycare teacher was propping up his bottles.
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