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Is anyone doing anything special for their babies 1st Birthday?

Our twin girls, Olivia & Georgia will be 1 at the end of July, 28th July and we'll be planning a party at home, just wondering if anyone's baby's / babies will soon be a year old and what everyone is doing? xxx
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I am having Daltons and Taylors birthday together. Still not so sure about it as I would like for Taylor to have her "special" day. But with them being so close and us living a little drive from the rest of our family and friends................. I want to get one of those huge bouncy houses for the kids to play in and do some grilling. And of course cake and ice cream!
I cant believe our babies are almost a year!!! Time sure does fly!
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Just havin a small family cookout.  I have two other kids' birthdays in the summer, so I try to do something different for each, lol, so the family doesn;t get too bored. = )  my ds (8) is having a Nerf War party at a local park, and dd (11) is having a boy/girl party, Olympic Games theme at her Grandma's house.  Cooper's party will be at our house.  I have no idea what to get him, as he has all the hand-me-down toys from two older brothers!
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We're just doing a party at our house. I figure since she's only going to be 1 this party is more for us than it is for her. The only thing I have planned out is a tutu that I spent way too much on and a little tiara. Girls are so much fun to shop for.
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POOL PARTY! My grandparents have a pool so I am taking it over. I figure since there will be kids of a lot of different ages there swimming is something they can all do and enjoy. I'm also going to have a water table, tents/crawling tunnels, balls, bubbles etc.I am going to do loot bags to give out at the beggining with different outdoor toys and the bubbles in them. I'm going to have a BBQ and cake of course :)

*We aren't having many people but the two outside families that will be invited have 3 and 4 kids respectively making a need for various activities.
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Yes we are having a giant party for Abigail's 1st...at our house. We have an inflatable waterslide and rented a bouncy house for all the kids. she loves mickey mouse clubhouse so we are doing a minni mouse theme. Lots of friends and family over that day. It's her first bday and this is our last baby so she is getting a bit spoiled. I'm sure she won't mind ;)
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