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Is is safe to make physical contact with dh in the early stages of pregnancy?

Sorry for the embarracing question but is it safe to make physical contact with dh in the early stages of pregnancy?
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it is a-ok! just dont be ruff if your going to do-the-do
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What if you had FET is it still safe?? I heard somewhere that you should wait until the first u/s??
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My RE told me to wait until the first ultrasound then after that we could resume things as normal and could have sex. I on the other hand am scared to death to do the deed and want to wait until at least 12wks or even later. However I'm a little scared I think becuase for some reason with my hubby everytime we have sex it hurts if he goes all the way inside becuase it hits my cervix. So thats keeps me a little cautious.
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This is even more embarracing but we've been avoiding sex altogether for now and I keep having dreams where I'm dreaming about it and I have loads of O's in my sleep, I know that when that happens, your womb contracts and I don't know if this is ok or not - how annoying, I have kept away from him in that way and it's happening in my sleep!! I think it may be a side effect from the drugs I'm taking.

I'm worried sick, last night the same happened and I had 4 O's, DO I NEED TO WORRY?

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Like lmcrt, my RE put us on "restriction" until they gave us the word.  Did we listen--kinda but after my 1st ultrasound and they saw a heartbeat we got the green light for intimacy.  DH thinks maybe us getting physical caused one of the twins to stop growing but I don't think so. He says he can't help but keep wondering.  Having had 2 children naturally in the past I told him with my first one I did not even know I was pregnant until my 1st trimester was complete.  My 1st ultrasound I was 14.5 weeks pregnant and with my son we just carried on as usual so I can't say that physical contact causes m/c.  When we attended our IVF seminar the pyschologist there said the reason they tell couples not be intimate is because if they do miscarry they blame themselves and say "What if?" He said there is no scientific proof that this is the cause.

Hope this was a help.  You and your DH have to do what you feel is safe and right.
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I have to ask how do you know you are having O's if you are asleep????? And wow you must be a sexual person to be able to have O's just like that. I'm jealous.
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