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Its A Boy!!!

Add me to the blue team!

We had our ultrasound today and we're having a little boy. Also - more good news...even though our NT measurement placed us as high risk, my blood work came back and when combined, we are now super low risk for any abnormalities. We were able to cancel the amnio, and they now just want to look for heart defects (of which a high NT can be indicative) at our next ultrasound. Things are looking up!!
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congratulations!!! i'm not gonna know what i'm haing till 1st april..grrrrrrrrrrr lol
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Congrats!! Boys are fun:)
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afferny- that is so great about your little boy looking fine!  What a relief!  How great that you don't even have to go through with the amnio. They must really think things are going great!

Cacy- You didn't tell me you found out you were having a boy. HOW did you find out so early???  I still have 18 days to find out!!
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Congrats, welcome to the blue team, Hope you have a happy nine months.
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Congrats,  I just found out yesterday that I'm on the blue team as well! I never in my life thought I was going to have a little boy!
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Yay!!  Congrats! I've said this before, but boys are awesome!! = )  Can't wait to find out in 3.5 more weeks.  I'm hoping for a boy, too.
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