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Nursery Themes!! :)

sooo...it took me FOREVER to start shopping, but I wanted to have my u/s one more time before I spent a TON of money. It's not easy having a girl and staying away from Pepto Pink (fine for some....not for me) but I made a commitment. Any one else decide on a theme? (boy...baby shoppin is a lot more extreme than it was 17yrs ago when I had my last one...)
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well, our 4 yr. old will eventually be sharing a room with her baby sister (going to keep Gracie next to us for the first 3 months in a bassinet in our room) and we just got done re-doing my daughters room.  i am right with you on the pink, although my 4 yr. old LOVES it, so we painted the room ice pink (which is a very light pastel of the shade) and a really nice bright green...the top part is the pink and the bottom is green with a fairies border separating the two.  i will put a pic up as soon as i am completely finished.  it turned out very cute!!
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im gonna have winnie the pooh as my theme:)
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I"m with ckenny, I love Winnie the Pooh as an adult, and we are having Winnie the Pooh Soft and Fuzzy from Babies R Us as our theme.  I went and got out all of my Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals yesterday!
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I am doing zoo animals.  We are painting the room lime green.
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We decided on Purple with a butterfly theme. We got the bedding from Babies R us and it looks great. Our little princess will love it.
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I am having a little boy and we have a Pirate Room. With huge murals on the wall and everything.  It was orginally for our sweet Baby Angel Cooper but we are so glad that we can pass it down to Cruz.  It was pretty easy finding pirate stuff.  

If we would have had a girl, I love the bedding with the pink and brown squares. We would have done a room using that theme.  

I say have fun with it and it will be great!
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I am having a boy and one of my favorite colors is brown and b4 I knew it was a boy I was going with pink and brown also but know I see there is a beautiful brown and blue combination that I just love, just one problem my dh wants something colorful bc he said it seems happier. Which I think is sorta true what do you all think?
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We are having a boy and doing it all in a cowboy theme...he is going to be daddy little cowboy :)  It is harder to find the stuff in real stores, but we have managed to find a set we like on ebay.  We also have a buch of pics of DH when he was really little in his cowboy clothes and on horses and stuff!
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I like the blue and brown theme personally. :)
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I just love it, but I think the jungle theme is so colorful and happier.

Dani-  We would totally go for the cowboy theme also my dh is so into horses and me being from Texas love anything to do with cowboys especially COWBOYS!!! But I've looked and it is not in the stores where can I go to find it?
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I love all your ideas!
ckenny- I like Winnie the Pooh so much, I considered naming my first daughter "Winnie" (hehe; DH shot that one down!)

Brown/pink, brown/blue, and brown/green ALL look great together, you can't go wrong!

I also like the jungle/rainforest themes.  I was planning a rainforest room for the baby, and having my cousin paint vines, etc, on the walls, she is AMAZING.  But we are still renting, so I can't go all out like that. = (

I am trying to decide if I go ahead with the rainforest theme or save it for the *next* baby, when we'll have our house?? (*smile*)  I am thinking about doing it now, then I could re-use most of the stuff AND go all out with the painting, etc, for next time.

Waiting on my tax refund so I can go shopping...= )
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