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So frustrated

Due date is in three days, and in-laws will be here from overseas in five days (they've changed my due date four times, and we initially had more time between the due date and their arrival date).  We've tried just about everything, and yesterday the doc stripped my membranes.  I've been 3 cm for three weeks, and yesterday I was between three and four cm, still about 80%, and she said the head is RIGHT THERE - which is possibly why I keep having trouble peeing.  

I was walking everyday about 30-60 minutes each day, until this week, when I've been too tired to do much of anything.  I tried jumping jacks this morning.  Anything to make it happen.  Anyone else in my boat?
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Awww, are you hoping to make it untill your in laws show up?? Good luck with natrual induction, walking is great especialy if baby is super low already! I know all about he tred thing though............It will soon be over:)
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well, my DD is Saturday, and I'm not dilated at all.  They hooked me to the monitor, and I'm having contractions, but they aren't doing anything.  I have the opposite problem.  I am peeing in my sleep, so I'm now wearing depends underwear every night.  I got sick of washing sheets and waking up soaked.  Doc says that he won't let me go past next week because he considers me 40 weeks today.  I don't think he will come without intervention of some sort, so I"m resolved to be preggo for another week.
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Ugh...that totally *****.  I'm sorry you're going through all that.  I'm almost resolved to staying pregnant until they induce...but still trying all I can.  Took a 27 minute walk in this nasty heat this afternoon and have done 90 jumping jacks today.  According to what I've read, the membrane stripping gives you a 48-72 hour window of time to go into labor so I'm trying everything I can.  

If it makes you feel better I considered depends at one point.  When I feel like I have to pee, I have to bear down real hard, but when I don't feel like it, sometimes it just happens.  Embarrassing.
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i'm in the same boat 9 days past due date, i bought yoga ball but still no baby:(
good luckl
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