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Texture issues will eating

Hi gals,

Cruz has severe texture issues when he eats, to the point he makes himself gag pretty much every meal. After he gets past the first bite we are usually okay. I am just so tired of cleaning up vomit! I have to put everything in the food processor. That is the only way I can get him to eat it! I just feel like I am so tied down with his eating!

I talked to the people at OT and they think since he is able to chew and push food with his tongue it is not a motor skill but we are just lost.  My husband wants us to wait awhile and see if he grows out of it but man oh man, I just do not know! I feel so torn between the teacher and the mom in me!!

So, I was wondering if any of you have any advice! Any ideas are welcomed!!!!!

Sorry for all the eating questions, I just feel so alone with this!

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I don't know if this is the issue but I have a friend who's son could not eat anything either bc of gagging.  He would throw up all the time and they found out that he had acid reflux.  AFter they started him on meds for that he could eat anything without throwing it up/gagging on it.
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I'm so glad you asked this question. I'm making an appointment for Bella tomorrow to ask the ped this same question. All I could think of is that it was related to her reflux issues. She can gag herself to puke by just looking at the spoon of food now. It drives me nuts.
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poor Cruzy and Bella:~( I hope you guys find some answers. I honestly have no words for you and I can imagine your frustration. Does starting small work for them?? Like little things?? then moving up slowly??
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My first was the same exact way. She just wasn't ready for table food until after 1. At 11- 12 months she could eat American cheese, gerber puffs, and for some reason deli turkey sliced thin and ripped into small pieces. Nothing with mixed textures. Even a grain of rice or crumb of bread would make her gag. By 15 months she was eating pretty much everything- she just needed time to mature. It did take much longer for her to learn to eat mixed textures like yogurt with fruit chunks.

Each kid is different. My 11 month old was eating things at 8 months that my first couldn't until after 15 months. 12 months old isn't this magic age where all of a sudden our babies need to be doing everything toddlers do. This is a very common question on these forums (just replied on the same exact question on MC forum) so it obviously isn't uncommon for them to simply not be ready.

Just keep trying different things. I never would've thought that a baby who could swallow a noodle would eat deli turkey.
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Thanks everyone for your kind words and replies! I am so sorry to hear Bella is going through the same thing, it so not fun! I would love to know what your pedi says!

They thought Cruz might have reflux so they started him on a Rx after a month on it, it still did not make the slightest difference! So, they took him off of it.

The weird thing is he can eat bread, tortillas, Gerber snacks and even some of our snacks but he can't eat Stage 3 foods. I would love to give him just table food but he will not eat enough of it to make a meal. That is part of the reason why I just keep blending his stage 3 jars because I know he is getting enough of his daily needs!

I am just going to slowly try to puree his foods less and less and see how he does. Being that he is only in the 6th percentile we really cannot afford for him to keep gagging and throwing up his food!

Thanks again everyone! It is nice to have someone to talk to!
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Oh wow I didn't realize that he's a little guy too. I feel the exact same way because she's only in the 10th percentile so I figure she can't really stand to start losing weight now.

I'll let you know what I hear from our ped.
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Thanks! I just did not realize around 19lbs was considered little! He feels huge to me!

Sorry Bella is little too! I could care less about his weight I just want him to stay healthy and happy!
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Oh my! I just noticed the title says "will" instead of "while" oops!
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haha Rachel! I knew what you meant:~) And I cant understand about the weight thing either. I weighed Taylor today on our scale at home and it said 19lbs 6ozs. I puched that in on the baby weight calculater and it said the 10th%!! Then I realized I forgot to change it from boy to girl so she is really in the 25th. So weird. I thought 20lbs by 1 year old was average. Guess I dont know nothin', lol!
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I thought 20lbs for a year was average too! I think it is so crazy that the boy chart is so different then the girl chart! I can understand when they are older but man their just babies!!!

We have been gag free for a few days and he has been loving his solids!! All we need now is to get him to eat texture!

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