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Vent About Your Symptoms Here!!!

OK... I am very greatful to be pregnant. I truly am. But oh man am I uncomfortable!! I don't like to whine on the maternal and child or pregnancy forums, because I know there are so many women out there dying to be pregnant. So i thought I'd start a venting forum. Whine about your discomforts, aches and pains. Know that others feel that way too.

I'll start- first of all, baby #2 is sooo much harder on my physically than #1. My whoo-ha is KILLING me. And with so many weeks left to go :(  I waddle about, and when people ask what's wrong, i can't exactly say that my crotch hurts. I never had this with DD.
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Hehe! I know exacly how you feel. Each pregnancy the aches and pains get worse.  I have the pain you have discribed plus round ligiment pain that has me doubled over in tears. BH already and the head aches!! I am just glad I have desided to stop after #4 cause I can imagine how much worse this will get . I could go on and on..................Hey but the worst is still left to come:-) Summer time and pregnancy should not be allowed, lol. I am getting hot flashes just thinking about it!
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I am also experiencing round ligament pains, and actually called the dr the other day because my entire uterus was cramped up for like 7 hours straight. He said it was BH, but i thought that a contraction would let up every now and then. It was tightened up continuously... never lessened and only got worse when i climbed stairs. I've never had BH before (or a real contraction for that matter). Is it possible for them to not let up for so long? One long contraction? It faded as soon as I got home and put my feet up.
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the worst for me is my back its just killing me and when my dh is massaging it helping but hurts even worst. additional to that my kidneys hurt at least twice a month, and i got gallstones , but still i love my son and i will try for baby #2 after him
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My newest complaint is heartburn.  And I'm on Prilosec already!  This is kid is gonna have lots of hair!
Lets see, I hate the fact that I can eat all the junk food I want, but as soon as I put something good for me in my mouth (like normal dinner food), I"m nauseated!
My hips are killing me at night.  I'm sleeping with a body pillow, but my hips hurt so much, they wake me up and cause me to turn over.  The pain starts in my hips and goes down to my upper thigh!
I keep getting UTI symptoms during the evening, but as soon as I drink some extra fluids, it goes away.  
Surprisingly, my back isn't bothering me that bad right now (I probably just jinxed myself).  Considering my back surgery and everything, I figured it would be hurting more than it is.
I think that's about it right now.  My constant headaches went away, so I can't complain about them anymore.  And I love that I can feel the little one moving around now to reassure me that he's doing well.  I can't wait until August to meet my little soccer player!
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I have a lot of heartburn/acid reflux too.  I say this child is going to come out with lots of hair too.

Another thing is my hips.  They are hurting so bad at night.  They wake me up too but even when I roll over they still hurt so bad that I can't go back to sleep.  Last night I ended up having to prop myself up on an incline and sleep on my back.  That wasn't the most comfortable thing either.
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Yay! I can finally vent to people who understand my pain....First off let me just mention the 25lb weight gain....I am 6 months pregnant and I look like I am due next week....not to mention all the pain in my lower back. I've always had some pain because I am a bit large inthe chest area but this is horrible pain that makes me feel like I can't move. I also get alot of pressure right under my belly in the bikini area. I swear it's swollen.  Summer is gonna be GREAT!!! I know this will all be worth it after the baby is finally here but Good Lord I feel like I am 90 years old.....
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I really don't have any major complaints.  I realize though that I am not meant to be over weight and look forward to getting into shape again.  The only other thing is the worry that goes along with pregnancy.  I get so worried if he is kicking enough.  Other than the first 4 month of vomiting, everything has been going great (knock on wood!)  Granted, it's not easy, but I am loving it all!
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blueeyedtabbycat, you made me laugh when you said the worst is yet to come. I agree I've been trying to limit my whining. I'm saving it up for this summer! My dh and I were going to get air conditioning because it's stupid hot in my house all summer long. It's horrible. It's like 90 degrees in my bedroom at night. Well dh decided to use the money for a new sound sytem in our theater. Right because that's a fair investement that will make everyone happy. The old system was fine!

Anyhow I'm just waiting to make his life miserable from about next week when it starts to get hot until I have the baby. Aside from that my only complaint is the constant headaches. It never seems to go away.
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I have to say this time I was really scared bc I have an older sister that is older than me and she loves telling me, Patty you are not 20 any more (*****) and she kept telling me that everything is going to be 10 times worse, well guess what I feel GREAT no complaints no vomiting ever no pains no bleeding NOTHING and I love telling her that. Except for a little swelling here and there but that is it.   THANK GOD
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heartburn, i got so ussed to them and tums that i dont even count it a symptom..  
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I think age may be a factor, too.  I have been lucky to have extremely easy pregnancies, no morning sickness, back pain, headaches, nothing.  But with this one (#4), it is SOOO much harder than I remember from the previous three!  (Maybe I block it out?? LoL)  Of course, I was 20 with the first, and now I'm 30.

I really would like to have another, but (though I would never admit it to DH), I am really not sure I want to do this again!!  

I am just plain exhausted; waddling already (!), feel like I am about to pop, and my belly button! Oh!  It *kills* me if somethig touches my belly button, and my youngest is constantly climbing on me and bumping it.  Owww!

I try not to complain, ever, becuase I know so many women have it SO much worse than me.  Thanks for giving me a place to let it out! = )
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ohhhh, i LOVE this thread!!  lol  my big complaints are A.) How large i am already and B) People commenting on how large i am already

i was at my daughter's pre-school for a meeting yesterday and the director of the center says, "Oh, my jeannie, you are so HUGE" (like i didn't already know this, thank-you very much)  i waddle around like i am carrying 10 babies instead of 1.  i eat more tums than anything else AND my hips are rotating out which is extremely painful and makes it hard to walk for very long and any type of distance!!  

anywho, those are my complaints...can't wait to read and share in this thread when summer hits (it has snowed 7 in. today already...where or where could summer be?)  i can't wait for some nice weather, but i know i am going to be complaining when it does come!!  :)
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Well it got into the 80's today! I think it must be some kind of record! I live in Minnesota so the weather is usually pretty mild untill June. I have my a/c on as I type. I spent the day outside with the kids and I am so hot right now I cant imagine the next few months, UGH! I feel so sluggish! I still have to do laundry. I think im going to stick my head in the frezer for a few minutes to cool down more:-(
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Oh and another thing! I am so tired of peeing my pants everytime I cough or sneeze, I constantly feel "wet". I threw up the other day and the force of it made me pee a little at the same time, lol:-) Will I never be the same again?? (Sigh)
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lol, i hear ya, chicky!!  i have the exact same problem....i have just been wearing a panty liner, especially when we are out and about, etc.  it's been a big problem, especially getting over this darned cold and flu bug!!  your not alone!!  lol  :)
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I can't sleep at night. I can't get comfortable.  My neck, shoulders and hips hurt when I get up.  I am still going to the BR a lot at night.   My nose is soo stuffy and I'm sneezing like crazy.    I was wondering if at one point the sneezing would make me miscarry.  

blueeyedtabbycat and drmwvrjean, I have taken to wearing a sanitary napkin for the issue you are discussing.  Many times when I get ready to sneeze I cross my legs and tighten.  Sometimes that doesn't always work, hence the sanitary napkin.  I seriously contemplated getting a light weight depends....this is ridiculous.   I am try not enjoying being pregnant.  It's not fun.   I can hardly wait until this is over.
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Oh and if you guys want to talk about temperature....first of all I'm always roasting because of this pregnancy.   I live in Phoenix and we've been running the A/C since about march.   This week we hit our first 100 degree day!  Not it will probaby be hot as you know what until November!!  This baby is coming at the end of August.  I'm not leaving my house unless it's to go somewhere cool!
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it's funny- hearing everyone else's complaints helps me feel so much better! Not only are some of you worse off (sorry to hear that!), but you make me feel like it's OK to not be feeling good, to not be enjoying every aspect of this pregnancy.

I bought a maternity support belt last night. hopefully it will help with the pelvic pain. I stopped climbing stairs at work and the unpleasant hours-long contractions have disappeared. Plenty of pelvic pain, round ligament stretching, etc... lingers.

Mrs. Fergie- I had that crazy swelling in the pubic area a few weeks ago. It wasn't vaginal- it was the pubic area right over the pelvis. It was so swollen it was scary. I could push the flesh in like an inch! and boy did it hurt. I recalled experiencing the same swelling at the very end of my pregnancy and for the first few weeks post partum. I got very nervous because i had preeclampsia last time, and i feared this was a sign. Remarkably, it disappeared the day i started to sleep with my Snoogle pillow again. Maybe it was being aggrevated by the position of my hips/pelvis while i slept?

It's finally hot here too, but i am enjoying it (for now). When in the car, the AC has to be running, but I am enjoying being outdoors with DD.
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okay, since this is the thread to complain, here i am!!  (again, lol)  

i am getting sick and tired of being sick and tired!!  since i have been pregnant i have had bronchitis, the flu, 2 chest colds and now i am coming down with another bout with the flu!!  ugghh!!  my ob says that it takes you twice as long to heal and get over crud when you are pregnant, but i swear, i have been focusing more on getting ME better than getting ready and planning for the baby!!  i feel like i am disabled or something...

okay, enough of my ranting, hopefully it will boost my spirits just getting it off my chest!!
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wow... drmwvr... i don't know what i'd do with myself if i was sick all the time. I'd be miserable.

I actually had a good week. My OB told me on Thursday to expect to start slowing down and feeling tired and anemic in the next few weeks as there is a shift/increase in volume. He said our blood becomes diluted as the body can't keep up with making red blood cells, and as a result we start to feel rundown. I asked if there's anything i can do to prevent it- eat more red meat, etc... he just smiled and shook his head.
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got a new one!

the past few days, i have been having some difficulty peeing. it makes me very uncomfortable while urinating. Feels like I gotta pee a river but am only letting a trickle out at a time. I think it's based on her position, because it comes and goes.
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Agh!! I feel like im going into labor but I know that im not. I have so much pressure and pain in my lower regions! I leek urine constantly, they want to send me to see a "special doctor" lol! I cant get comfy at night even with my body pillow. I have been sleeping on the couch EVERY night because the baby wakes up and the only place I can lay him that he goes back to sleep is the play pen!! We close on our 1st house in 2 days and he will finally have his own room so im investing in moniters. I just wish it were August already and I were already moved and settled. 25.5 weeks today and this little lady is doing a number on me. My boys never caused this many problems WTH!! Well thats my vent for today:=) Hope everyone is feeling good!
Ugh, I still have to pack!!!!
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i'm just FRIGGING sick of weird feelings with this pregnancy that i didn't have with any of the others. sick of all the trips to hospital that have given no real answers. and sick of wondering what the hell things are. it's my 4th so i thought i'd know what was going on with my body by now but this baby has me utterly stumped. i've been told to go to hospital the past 2 days on the run and i've just refused. it's the same procedures and tests all the time that show up nothing and i was there a week ago so what's the point?
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summer is going to hurt...
now dont get me wrong, ladies, I, too, am THRILLED with being preggo. We fought long and hard to get here ... that being said...
I may have to run over the next cute little thing I see walking down the street in summer attire. I am a cow. I havn't gained a lot of weight with the pregnancy at all, maybe 8lbs in 27 weeks,but I did gain 50lbs the year we were doing continual hormone therapy and in vitro. Beofre starting this process I was in the best shape of my adult life, and now that person is a memory :(
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