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12 week update!

So, I had my 12 week check up this today! I got to hear the heartbeat and the baby even kicked the doppler! I could'nt feel it yet, but I definitly could hear it! the dr said "wow, he's kicking!" it was very reassuring since i have had a MC at 12 weeks before, so I will be very glad when I am past this week. I have also been having a lot of pain in my upper abdomin, right under my chest and I asked my doctor about it, i usually get this in the 7th or 8th month becasue of pressure from the baby, but no this early. my Dr thinks that, necause I have been throwing up so much (I'v lost 19lbs since becoming pregnant) and having really bad acid reflux that my stomach is damaged and put me on meds to help with the acid and repair any damage. I am on more meds now that I am pregnant than before, since they have me on meds for sickness and now meds for acid reflux they are needed, but i am surprised!  I have another appt in 4 weeks and my ultra sound in 6 weeks! YAY! unless i have anymore problems. Good luck to all you other mommies!
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That's great Rebekah! I'm glad all is going well. I'm sorry to hear you've thrown up alot that must have been stressful. I've had a lot of heartburn too, but don't know if it's reflux.

Congrats on having a great appointment and looking forward to the next ones.  Hearing the heartbeat is so cool.  xx Stay well.
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Yay for a healthy baby! Can't believe you've lost 19 pounds!

I've had reflux with all of my pregnancies, did they put you on something like Prilosec? The last pregnancy I wasn't on anything and it damaged my esophagus to the point where I was having trouble swallowing. On several occasions food became stuck and at one point I had to go to ER luckily to have a muscle relaxer that worked! If that didn't work they were going in physically..:(  So I know that this is something that needs the proper attention now!!
Wishing you lots of luck and hope you are feeling well.
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OH yeah, I get that "under my chest" pain around the 7th or 8th month also.. It's like a dull ache, but it can get stabbing. It's worse when I lie down on my back, and just a little better when I'm on my side. In fact, during the last month or so I prefer to sleep on the recliner in an upward position. I wonder what that is??
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I had my 12wk dr visit today!! I didn't get to do the u/s just got to hear the baby's heartbeat on the doppler as well! I also heard the baby kicking and didn't it sound loud? Man the baby was just wailing in there! Lol
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Awesome. It is so exciting to here the heartbeat.
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Thanks ladies, I love hearing the heartbeat it is, so reassuring and the little kick just added to it!

eddiblair- My Dr says that the uncomfortable pressure later in pregnancy is also mostly acid reflux and indigestion, but it is normal at that point because all of it is so smooshed together by the baby. it is also uncomfortable at the point in pregnancy because of the pressure on your lungs, but mostly just the acid reflux and indigestion since your stomach it so squashed! LOL!
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