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Anyone showing yet?

I know this is crazy because I am only 8 weeks tomorrow, but I think I am showing already.  I have only gained 2 pounds, but all of my pants are super tight and uncomfortable.  I bought a belly band yesterday at Target.  Even tried to buy a pair of jeans a size bigger and they are loose everywhere but they belly where they squeeze a little.  My lower stomach is very hard and I have a pooch at my belly button.  I hear people show fast when they are on their 2nd or 3rd child, this will be my first.  Are any of you ladies out growing your pants already?
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I don't think that I am showing I am only 6 weeks, but I have noticed that the pressure is bothering me.  If my pants are sitting to low & I sit down it is very uncomfortable.
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I think my waist has thickened some and lying directly on my stomach is definitely not comfortable. I mostly feel like I'm super full all the time as if I've just eaten a big meal, even when I haven't eaten anything for hours.
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look file i just atwo pics yesterday of my belly and im only 5 weeks. this is my 4th tho.
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I feel the same way.  I feel like my pants are getting tighter just around the belly.  amd my stomach is a lot harder than it usually is.  There isn't a baby bump quite yet...
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I am definetely showing and I'm same far along as you Heather! I will post some pics in a little bit.
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I wish I could tell people.  I probably just look like I gained a few.  haha Not really a bumb just yet, but for sure the start of one I can see.
Can't wait until we all get bigger :)
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I'm not showing at all yet, but a week ago I looked like I was and felt bloated and such like you describe. Turned out it was all gas. Somehow this week it is better, which is really a nice surprise. I'm going to start taking belly pics today, though! :)
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I feel like a turkey. Sometimes I look it too and my stomach is definitely harder and I can't fit any of my pants. I did however lose a twin at 7 wks but I'm still pretty bloated. This is my first everything!  U r not alone. Lmbo
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I am 7 weeks and I have had all those same feelings, does anyone feel like they have done 100 situps, when I stretch, my tummy muscles feel so sore like I just finished an ab workout!
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Yes I feel the same way at times in my lower stomach.  
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don't worry i'm on my first baby too and i know im showing my stomach used to be flat now i have a bump haha look on my profile i have a pictureof my baby bump on there :)
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I was'nt showing and then this week my belly seems to be popping out more! this is my fifth pregnancy though, so I think that may be part of it! but it is popping out fast this time! I still fit in my pant, but i think that is because i have lost 10 lbs!
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I actually lost 11 lbs after conceiving and my belly sticks out just below my belly button more than it did 11 lbs ago. it's harder than it used to be, and a lot of the time I feel like I've done a thousand crunches, but I'm far too lazy to work-out. lol
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Mine is now there too.  First I thought it was b/c of 2, but now I think cuz it's #5, I'm just goona get big, lol!  My work pants are screaming mercy!
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