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Team Pink or Team Blue?

Since this will be the month most of us are finding out the sex thought it would be fun to track the results of what we are all having as we find out.  I saw someone do it on another forum and it was cool to see how many of each or how many people still liked for the sex to be kept a surprise.  Also, have you all thought of names yet? I personally think that is the hardest decision to make although we have a few that we like.  I don't get to find out what my baby is until March 15th.  :)

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Great Idea~ i won't find out until the 22nd but I will definitely post & I am curious who is having what!!
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I'll find out on the 31st. If it's a girl, it's Chloe. If it's a boy, we're undecided.
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As of this point it is another boy (at 15 weeks doctor guessed) We will get confirmation at anatomy scan.Then we will pick out names.
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This is my first child and I have decided that I want it to be a surprise I want to find out when I give birth. I would want it to be a girl but I love boys too.
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All Girl here!!
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We want it to be a surprise! And I think I don't really have a preference at all. The only thing is the name - if we really have a hard time coming up with a name, then we might break down and find out the gender so we have less work to do on that. I had a CVS test, so the doctors already know what I'm having! :)
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i find out the 30th - ill be happy for either of course, but hoping for a girl! theyre just so sweet and i secretly want to play with my old barbies again!
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I don't have a preference either it is just so much easier to plan, and suprises kill me even Christmas...lol.  For a boy for now we have decided on Joseph Charles (family name) for a girl it will be Claira Grace (not sure on the spelling of the first name yet).  But, I love so many names I am sure it will change.  
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I don't find out till april 1st; april fool's day!!! I'm going to play with my family and tell them the opposite of what i'm really having lol. I wanted a boy but i keep calling the baby a girl. I don't really care as long as my child is healthy.
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I am 16 weeks today with twins - I go on 3/16 for another - ultrasound - my dr said if they cooperate we should def be able to tell what they are - I will keep you all posted - we are hoping for one of each - but will be happy and blessed with whatever God gives us!
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I'm having a boy.. found out at 13w It was a boy.. that didn't change at my u/s when I was 18 wks. dunno on names... I like the name tristan...

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Well everyone it's a BOY really I have felt it all along and would have been shocked if it were a girl.  But, I have changed my mind on the name LOL.  
That anatomy scan made me nervous!  My ultrasound tech has a sign on her wall that she is not a doc so don't ask questions, and she took lots of pics!
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I had a feeling that I'm going to have a girl and always think of baby girl name, but I'm having a BOY now.  LOL, now, I'm looking for the boy name.
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Hey all! I just joined this forum! I have a little GIRL who is 25 weeks. And I'm 20 weeks pregnant with a little BOY!  So this time around I'm on team blue! :]
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Looks like a little boy!!!  Doc says he saw a weiner but couldn't get a good enough pic to have the weiny and balls in a pic so I 'll go back on Wednesday to check again.  What's up with babies sitting Indian style?  geez!!  LOL
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I found out on the 25th that I was having a GIRL!!!
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i just found out we're having a girl :):)
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