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What are you having?

Well, since we are all having our babies in August (approximately), I would like to know what you guys are having.

My baby is a BOY!  And My EDD is 8/23 :-)
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I'm having a GIRL! and my EDD is 9/2 so either last week in Aug or first week in Sept
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I am having a girl and my EDD is 8/16. but mine is C-section so it might be 8/2.
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I'm having a boy. Liam Jude. EDD 8-20.
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Im having a baby girl! EDD 8/12. Will get induced if hubby comes home from Afghan sooner. (looks like he wont be coming home till sept though.)
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I saw on another forum that they added details to their thread to introduce themselves.  So, I will start.
This is my first child and I am having a boy.  I am almost 25 weeks along with an EDD of 8/3.  But, my husband weighed close to 11 pounds when he was born and is a big guy.  My baby is measuring consistantlly a week or two ahead, so I think he may take after his daddy.  So, I know he will be a little early and don't know how many weeks I am LOL.  I have been married for 5 years and I am 28 years old.  
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That's a great idea Heather. I'm 35 and this is my 4th child. I have a 13 yr, old daughter who has autism. I have an 11 yr. old son and a 7 yr. old son. My hubby and I will be married 15 years in June.
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Im 21. Married not quite a year yet. And this is my first. I realized that my niece will be as old as I was when she was born when her little cousin comes out. I think its pay back for her! She is officially on diaper duty. LOL
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I just turned 29 and got married on July 24th 09. Before we got married the condom broke and we got pregnant (oops!) but ended in miscarriage at 5 weeks :(. then we got pregnant on our honeymoon and had another miscarriage at 7 weeks :(. Now I am 20 weeks pregnant with a little princess!!! We're naming her Isabella which means "gods promise" because I feel like shes our little angel we get to keep this time :)
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im 27, and this will be my third child (baby boy) .... i have 4 year old boy who was10lbs at birth, a 13 month old girl and who was 8lbs at birth, and i was supposed to be due on aug 27th but my due date keeps getting moved around so much im pretty sure im now due on july 27th !!! cant wait to meet the little guy!!

hope everybody is feeling well!!
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I am 25 and this is my 4th baby, 5th pregnancy (1 MC at 12 weeks). I have a 6 1/2 year old boy, a 4 year old girl, a 2 year old boy and I am pregnant with another little girl EDD Aug 27th, although my original due date was Aug 17th and i have a history of preterm labor, so we will see! I am actually hoping the baby comes a week or 2 early since my son goes back to school the end of Aug and grandma is supposed to take the other kid's for a week or 2 when I first have the baby! I'm excited that i finally know what the baby is so I can go shopping! time is flying and going slow at  the same time!
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Hi I am Michelle. I have been married for almost 8 years. We spent 6 years TTC and did IVF to have my son who is now 17 months old. We got pregnant naturally with this baby which is a girl and we are due 8/14. I also have a history of preterm and she is measuring a week ahead so am likely to have her in july. I am from England and DH is from Ireland and we have no family here but my mother in law is coming when I am 36 weeks to help out, so hopefully we can hang on till then.
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I'm Awna. :] 22 years young and I have been with my fiance for 2 years in July. :] We have a baby girl that is 6 months old. (Born 9.23.09) and I'm 24 weeks with our baby boy (EDD is 8.5.10).

This is a cool thread. :] I'm excited to get to know each of you all.
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This is so much fun!

I'm 26 and this is my first bebe. I'm have been married for 2 years but we have been together 6 years now. I'm also 21 weeks, am done with the registry AND MY SHOWER LIST IS ALREADY GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

Nice to 'meet' ya'll :)
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I'm 24 and I'm having a girl!! 1st baby 2nd pregnancy. My EDD is aug 10th but she's measuring 2 weeks ahead they said I could go at the end of july so we shall see when she wants to make her debut. I'm almost 24 wks.
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I'm 38 and this is my 5th pregnancy. I have a 13 and 11yr old girls, 7 yr old boy and lost our angel Peter 2yrs ago at 16 wks.  I'm 24 wks and having a girl this time.  I'm due 8/9, but will have c-section on 8/2.  Good to hear about everyone else!
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I'm 34 and this is my second pregnancy, first baby.  I had a m/c in September of 2009.  We have been married for a little over 4 years, but together 10 yeras in July.  We are having a girl, EDD 8/18 (hubby"s b-day!).  We can't agree on a name.  I like Emma Grace and he likes Isabella Grace.  I really like both, so I'll probably give in.
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I'm having a baby girl and im due 8/23 as well.
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I'm 37 and this will be my first baby, first pregnancy. My husband and I have been together a bit over 7 years. We didn't have trouble conceiving or anything (lucky us!). We just waited because we honestly weren't sure until about a year ago that we wanted to have a kid. We're keeping the gender a surprise for the birth (so can't answer the original question of this thread). I'm due Aug 1 (just past 25 weeks now!), and measuring pretty much right on, so I'm hoping that our little one will arrive more-or-less on time. We're really hoping that I'll be able to have a natural childbirth with no drugs, but I also realize that things don't always go according to plan!
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I'm 31 years old with my second child, my son Sebastian is 12 years old and hubby and I had been trying for sometime without success till we finally stopped and said what will be will be.  My EDD is Aug 10 and we are expecting another boy (yippee).
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My name is treniece, i'm 26 yrs old, and i'm expecting my first baby boy on 8/27!
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im brenda,21 yrs old an me an the other half are expecting a baby boy 8-8-10 Ja'Veran Lamar
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Hi I'm Erina.I'm due 31st August with our wee baby girl Sapphire Norma-Jean.This will be my fourth baby but my husband- to-be (getting married in two weeks time) first baby.My other children are 25yrs,22yrs and 14yrs.I also have 3 grand daughters,7yrs,4yrs and 8 months old.So I'm the pregnant GRANNY.LOL.
I'm 45yrs young and we are so blessed to be pregnant at my age.
All done naturally.
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Wow! congratulations! your grandkid's will be able to baby sit for you in a few years LOL, thats awesome taht you and your husband were able to have a baby together naturally! my youngest sister and my oldest are only 3 year apart! so my mom has a 13 year old, an 11 year old and a 9 year old, and i have a 6, 4, and 2 year old we trade baby-sitting sometimes it's unusual, but it works for us. i am also pregnant again due Aug 27th with a baby girl!
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My name is Steph.  I'm 31 and I'm 26 weeks pregnant with my second baby.  Our first (Gwen - 2 years old in July) took us 6 years and lots of fertility treatments to conceive.  This one only took 2 IUI attempts.  It's a boy, to be named Gavin Russell.  My due date is August 11th.  We're very excited!
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