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first time being pregnent!

heyy, i'm 17 years old and i am 6 weeks pregnent my baby is due on aug 17th...i havent told my mother yet so im not  getting any advice i have no idea whats gonna happen to my body all i've noticed is im tired all the time and im always hungery haha if any older people who have had kids before have anything they can share with me i'd greatly appericate it! thank you!
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Congrats.  This is my second pregnancy (first one ended in an early m/c) so this is basically my first pregnancy.  I am a few weeks ahead of you and so far I've noticed the extreme tiredness, hungry all the time, upset stomach, and my boobs are growing.  I'm sure some of the second time mothers will have a better idea of how your body will continue to change in the upcoming months.  Congrats!
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Hello and congrats.  
I am 27 and I am 8 weeks along hoping this will be my first baby.  Had a pregnancy at the beginning of the year that ended in miscarriage.
I am having the same symtoms as you, tired, hungry, dizzy, headache, upset stomach.  Have you made a doctors appointment yet?  Also, I never knew before I got pregnant that there are a lot of things you are not allowed to eat or have during pregnancy.  You may want to buy a book like "What to expect while you are expecting" or I know they have a website too where you can read all about that stuff.  Otherwise, if you have questions just ask.  Everyone on this site is really nice and supportive.  Also, I know you are scared to tell your mom.  I have two younger sisters one 24 and one 20.  My 20 year old sister just had her baby yesterday, and my 24 year old sister had her first baby at 18.  Just from seeing them with my mom, your mom may be upset at first.  But, she will love your baby so much when it's born.  Both my sisters got pregnant as teens, mom was upset, but they are great mothers and my grandma is the proudest grandma ever.  :)
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I meant to say my mom is the proudest grandma ever...oops haha
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thanks everyone. but last night i woke up to a HORRIBLE pain in my loweer stomach and i went to the bathroom and i looked down and i was bleeding and it wasnt spotting it was alot. so idk what that means but, im assumeing it bad :(
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First of all congrats. I would have to say the most important thing for you to know is that you need prenatal care. You need to see a doctor to make sure that everything is going as it should. Your body is going to go through many changes.

I seen your post above about your pain and bleeding. Did you go to the hospital? I hope that you are okay. We are all here if you need a listening ear. Many of us have gone through many different experiences. Some of us have children, some of us have suffered loss and so many other things.....
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i am 17 and also pregnant i have been bleeding for 4 and a bit day. i have not yet had any cramping but i cannot think to what this bleeding woould be.. the only thing i could possibly think of was that i am due a period around this time... i am so scared and my hormone levels are 5000 i dont know it it is alot but it has been 8 weeks since my last period.. i am not sure how far along i am either... has anyone exparianced this or am i looking to be having this worst...?
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One hormone level is not enough to determine how your pregnancy is going, you could be very early. You really need to have a second to confirm the numbers are doubling and then have an ultrasound. Bleeding is very common in early pregnancy,but you should still inform your doctor and see what they suggest.
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i am having anoth blood test on the 5th to find out whether my hormones are doubling or not... i am hoping i am just earlier than i think but it doesnt explain the bleeding:(
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I had my first at 17 and now again at 38.  You'll have the energy to keep up with you new one, believe me, though, unless you have a good support system, be prepared to drastically change your life!  Mine is now 20 and it's been a LONG 20 years!!!  Good luck, you'll be scared, but once you have your baby, everything just sorta comes naturally!
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PRENATAL VITAMINS! Very important. They should be taken when you are trying to get pregnant as you dont usually find out your pregnant till you are at least 4 weeks and the body is already forming and need those vitamins.

Dont be to scared to tell your mom. Accidents happen and I could only see a mother be mad if it was planned at a young age. My sister got pregnant at 18. We all thought my parents would have been SO mad but they were fine. My parents were supportive and said that if my sister would give it up for adoption that they would adopt it because its their grandbaby and want nobody but family to raise it. All worked out and Im sure your parents will be ok.

Take care
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