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Threw my back out today! In so much pain! Just called it to work for tomorrow. Can't walk. Ugh!!
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:( I can't imagine that pain! Hope you feel better soon!
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Thanks, lucky for me my husband doesn't mind babying me.
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Oh no :( I do that all the time I couldn't imagine doing it while pregnant. Hope you recovery fast.
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Hello JBuhn,  
My name is Charlie Sevier, and I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I saw your post on medhelp.org regarding your recent back injury, and I am sorry to hear about your trouble. As a physical therapist I frequently see and treat see patients who also experience back pain that may be similar to what you are experiencing/recently experienced and may be able to offer some helpful solutions.  
Data has shown that back pain, primarily low back pain is one of the most commonly treated ailments in the US as well as the world, and that the majority of people in the US will experience significant back pain at some point in their lifetime. With back injuries there are multiple factors that may contribute to the dysfunction at hand, whether it involves a disc herniation or rupture, if there is a muscular or soft tissue injury, or if there is a vertebral mobility issue. As we age our bodies naturally go through degeneration changes making these injuries more prevalent. Given the apparent severity of your injury, seeking the attention of a healthcare professional is warranted. If this a reoccurring injury, then there may an underlying pathology or physical and mechanical imbalances that trigger your back to "throw out."  
Physical therapists are trained as "movement specialists" and are extensively trained in examination techniques to diagnose biomechanical pathologies and movement dysfunctions. In the US one no longer needs to obtain a referral from a physician in order to see a physical therapist, eliminating the middle man, and allowing for the patient to waste little time in being seen and treated.  
Physical therapists are also skilled in creating differential diagnoses through our examination techniques. Initially we complete a medical screen and a systems review to rule out any underlying medical condition that may be leading to pain, or that may contribute to significant health concerns that may require immediate medical attention or referral. Following the medical screens, physical therapists are then able to determine the movement impairment diagnosis presented along with the etiological variables through objective tests and measures, utilizing that information to develop a detailed plan of care to address the symptoms and restore the patient's function. This approach of whole body is unique to physical therapists, making us a viable option in first line patient care.  
We as physical therapists strive to be excellent communicators in our patient care, providing education for the overall betterment and well-being of the patients we treat. Physical therapists provide the patient with improvement, maintenance, and prevention strategies to maximize functional ability and improve the human experience.  
I hope that you seek the medical care that you need, considering physical therapy to help restore your back to its symptom-free form. As I stated above, you may go directly to your local physical therapist without having to see a physician first, so that you may get BETTER QUICKER!  
Feel free to respond with any future questions that you may have!

Best Wishes!
Charlie Sevier, DPT
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