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Pregnant Disbelief

Does anyone else know they're pregnant but not feel like it? I'm 5 weeks today. I have sore breasts and tiredness but no other symptoms. I feel too good to be pregnant! I feel almost guilty that I feel so good.
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I was like that at the start. I was scared something was wrong. I never even would have taken a test if my fiance didn't talk me into it. Consider yourself lucky
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I am 5wks 2 days...and other then peeing a lot, and being thirsty....notta.   If I didn't have the bloodwork results, and the hpt's I keep taking,  wouldn't believe it was true!  But, I am soooo glad it is :)
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Im 7wks2days n all i have is sore boobs only at sides tho wen i knock them i still convinced hospital got my results wrong im due 2nd august n got my first midwife appointment on weds n i will be 8 weeks :D
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Funny isn't it?  I guess I just thought I would "feel" pregnant.  
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Hey im 7 weeks and 2 days aswell.. I only have sore boobs and frequent urinarion. With my first i deff felt pregnant
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Aside of my nausea at times (really hit me tonight when I was arm deep in a c-section), I don't really feel pregnant either and I'm 7 w 1d today! Guess I also have some frequent urination, but still...no boob aches or vomiting...sigh...guess its a good thing!
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My sister had severe sickness with both of her kids and ended up in the hospital a few times. They had to give her weekly shots to prevent miscarriage and nausea pills to stop the puking.

I guess I thought I would be like that. Not sure why I thought that now. I'm just so worried something is going to go wrong. Thank goodness I'm not sick.

I keep taking tests to prove a baby is in there and I've kept them all so I can look at them. I'm up to 6. I took 2 the first day, morning and night. 1 the next at 5am
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Oh, I have 3  hpts sitting on the Christmas tree as we speak!   I will do another one today too....just to make sure.  Lol.   Crazy or not, I find it comforting :)
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Thanks for the reassurance! :). My boobs are not sore either.  Glad to see I am not the only one!  
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The way i see it. If im not bleeding im still preg. Until i see my baby on u/s . That will really reasure me
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I did not feel pregnant in the beginning and now I have twins:) I felt exhausted after 8 weeks and some symptoms here and there but great overall:)
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I was the same way until I was 6 weeks. I kept saying I was just waiting for the sickness. And sure enough it hit me. Enjoy it while you can.
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I definitely keep worrying myself thinking I'm not really pregnant because of my lack of symptoms as well!!! I had an ultrasound that only measured 5 weeks as well, when according to LMP I should have been 6 weeks, but by date of ovulation closer to 3 or 4 weeks. I don't know what to think! I have another ultrasound scheduled for January 3rd and I'm trying to stay positive until then!

Maybe we should enjoy the lack of symptoms while we can hahaha
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I'm 5 weeks and 2 days.  I have experienced sore breast, frequent visits to the women's room and a 4 day long headache.  No morning sickness...my first pregnancy was the same.
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Well ladies, since my hubby and I conceived using ivf (frozen embryos actually). We got to do an u/s this morning at 5wks 4 days, and although we could not see the heartbeat yet, it would appear we are having twins :). Still not a lot of symptoms, but, I did get to see them on u/s  we go back next week for another u/s for heartbeats.  We are I shock, but beyond happy.  
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