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Pregnant with pre-exciting type 2 diabetes

I was diagnosed 3 years ago. Right before ingot pregnant my A1C was at 5.1 which is excellent. March of this year the A1C came back at 6.4 and had one more done a month ago and went down to 5.4. Doctor is very pleased and sugars don't seem to be affecting the baby at all. I had a repeat US today and Baby weighed 5lbs. They had previously mentioned to me that it looks like he's going to be tall as well which adds to the weight but the US doctor who reviewed it was very rude saying baby was fat and I mentioned to her that's at time they said height added to weight and she's like no idk why they'd tell you that. I was so upset. I know I have diabetes but obviously I'm taking care of myself because the test results show it. Is anyone dealing with anything similar? I just hate how she blames everything on my diabetes and went on to tell me how obese Americans are. I asked if he got too big if they'd deliver and she's like no we don't want premature babies I'm like WTH.....any input will help thank you.
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iI also have pre existing diabetes.
Although my rude healthcare provider was the diabetic doctor.
When I first got pregnant I was referred for the diabetic in pregnancy team, and all were lovely except her.
At six weeks my HBA1C was a little raised at 7.2 and she told me I would need extra fetal heart scans as 'I could have seriously damaged my baby and caused holes in her heart'
I was devastated. I went home crying, I cried to my husband and mum.
Ii worried for weeks especially having to see her again.
I have managed my sugars throughout this pregnancy, to the point I'm having regular hypos.
I had the heart scan a few months ago and it was perfectly normal.

My baby is due 4th Aug, but will likely gave her around 21. July at 38 weeks.

Some healthcare professionals are not professional at all... It's their own personal opinion... Just [email protected] really.
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I also have pre-existing type 2 diabetes. My A1C went from 6.2 to 5.4 and my Drs are happy with that and my sugars have been good. Had an US yesterday and baby is measuring at 34 almost 35weeks and I'm only 32. Dr said her belly is measuring at 36 weeks but that he can't really judge by that because that is normal for diabetics. I'm miserable and I feel like a blimp. I'm due aug8 but my dr has pretty much decided that I'm not going to make that long. He said he'd be surprised if I make it past 36 weeks. I'm sorry that they were unprofessional. I actually apologized to my dr and he said it's not my fault. Good luck 26th everything and it's nice knowing there are other people going through the same thing
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Thank you both so much for your input. My doctor is lovely but this dr who reviewed US she's just rude and is making me feel like I'm not doing anything right and that my baby will be obese because of me which makes me upset. I think the opinion I should be concerned about is the diabetic nurse and my OBGYN. The 2 heart scans came back normal so far baby seems healthy. I've had contractions since Sunday nothing steady but I've been informed to keep an eye out and if I get 4 in an hour or less I've got to go to L&D. Wishing you ladies the best of luck I'm 32 weeks but baby is measuring at 34 weeks or so overall. My due date is August 9th so we'll see how far I get. Thanks again.  
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