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first ultrasound

Hi im about 8 weeks and 3 days the doctor told me i wont be able to see a obgyn intell im atleast 12 weeks so i was wondering how many weeks do you have to be to get your first ultrasound?
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It depends on the doctor. Ii had to have a vagubal ultrasound and was able to see the heart flicker and this tiny sesame seed at 5 weeks 6 days but that was due to an ER visit for spotting and cramping.
What blows my mind is that pregnant women seeming aren't important until 12 weeks yet so much can happen before then.
Perhaps interview another doctor. All doctors are not the same and do not follow the same guidelines.
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Sorry for all the typos!!! :/
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Thank you :)
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My doc won't give me an ultrasound until 13 weeks
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I see my dr at 11 weeks. They say it is because you really can't hear the heart beat very well before 6-8 weeks and I think it saves on extra visit because if you go in at say 8weeks you git to come back in 4 so now my clinic waits to see you till 10-12 weeks. Which somewhat bites cause you just sit there and wonder.
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Its best to wait because 16 weeks is a great time frame because you can see baby really good
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I live in Canada and we get our first prenatal appointment at 12 weeks and then an untrasound around 18 weeks. I'm 6 weeks now and I already have my paperwork to go get my blood work done, I just have to go in.
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I had my first U/S at 4 weeks, they could only see the sac, went back two weeks later at 6 weeks and saw the flicker and heard the heart beat but what bothers me is they don't wanna do blood work or act to concerned until 12 weeks and a lot can happen before then! I just had a miscarriage in august at 11 weeks...I don't understand the whole waiting till 12 week thing.... Good luck to you all...
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I had been seeing a fertility specialist, and in order to send me back to my regular obgyn, I had to have an ultrasound around 7 weeks.  I saw the heartbeat, and they have referred me back to my doctor who is "demanding" an ultrasound now before 10 weeks because that is policy at THAT office to see the baby before 11 weeks.  I'll be 9 weeks on Sunday.  Lots of excitement over here.  Oye!
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6 weeks 5 days
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12 weeks and 2 days and they wouldn't see me earlier even though I had a missed misscarage.... Get my gender scan ( private ) done on Wednesday 18tj March ... And my proper 20 week scan April 20th .. Then no scans after woods :(
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I'm in sk canada... my GP made my first ultrasound appointment (10-14weeks) then my obgyn sees me around 12 weeks ( this round it worked out closer to 15 weeks) and my anatomy scan is around the 20 week mark... I have mine booked at 21 weeks....
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