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I'm getting a faint positive now!!! I'm hoping this is it... That would make me due in late December... There's hope for those of us who previously used the Copper IUD after all!
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Hi hows things going have u done anymore tests yet?
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Hi! As a matter of fact I just got done taking a Clear Blue Digital Test and it's a BFP!!!!  I still can't believe it! I have two kids, a boy who is 11, and a girl who is 7... I'm going to die in suspense to find out what this one is!!!?! How about you? Are you preg? or are you trying to conceive? I'm sorry, you have probably said so on one of these posts, i just can't keep up with who is who and so on. Thanks for asking and please share! I'm sooo excited, I didn't think it would happen so quickly after my copper iud was removed in early Feb. 08....  
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Thats brilliand I am nearly 6 weeks so early days, I had a few worries regarding my hcg levels but went to docs today and he said everything is fine., So congrats to both us no in fact alll of us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats!!! Isn't it exciting!?
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I know!!!! I wanna tell everyone I know but its still so early
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