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Infection during pregnancy

First off, I haven't been on here since the end of May right after I had my m/c, but I now want to thank everyone for their advice with all my posts, you all are very helpful and knowledgeable women and I'm glad to be able to reach you :)

This is going to be sort of long but PLEEEASE LADIES, be a friend!

I was just curious if anyone has ever had Gardnerella (a vaginal bacterial infection). I suspect I had it for a while before I got treated for it (first time I was on antibiotics - Metronidazole - was the end of March of this year). After being on it for 1 week, the symptoms of it stopped so I assumed I was fine and it was gone. However I did still have it/got it again and was then treated for it with the same medicine in April...probably a 3 or 4 week gap between being on it. Again, after I finished treatment I thought I was fine. Mind you now, I was pregnant (began pregnancy March 23rd) so I may have been on the Metronidazole twice during pregnancy...which both my PCP & OBGYN said is safe to use during pregnancy (only downside is possible preterm labor, but they felt I needed it and it would be fine). After my m/c (May 19) I was on Metronidazole yet AGAIN for the Gardnerella, but not right away (just finished it off 2 weeks ago). What's weird about the whole thing is that every time it came back after the first time I had it, it seemed that I was fine until my fiancee and I had unprotected sex, then a few days later I would notice it again (I could tell by the distinct smell). But both of my doctors are telling me its not sexually transmitted..meaning we cant just be passing it back and forth like it is seeming. (And also, my fiancee is completely fine, no infections.) My OBGYN says even nuns get Gardnerella (meaning they're celibate and still get that infection, meaning its not sexually transmitted). So my first question is, how is this possible and why do i keep getting it/not getting rid of it? I mean I've been on medicine 3x for it now. And like I said, I'm fine until a short while after we have sex. I told my doctor we would be TTC again and he said if I was pregnant and had the infection again, he'd treat me twice in one month (once at the beginning, once at the end) and thats it...I guess meaning that that would knock it out for good. (Though if Metronidazole can cause preterm labor I would rather not take it to prevent that!) So I'm just wondering if anyone here has ever struggled with that, either pregnant or not pregnant, and how you got over it?
Some things are just not adding up here for me! :( And I want to be completely healthy for right now and next time I am pregnant...
Which may even be right now since we're trying again! :)
Any stories would help! Thanks alot girls.
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Hello.  I will tell you right now that the doctors do not know everything.  I am 40 years old and in my 20's was married for 15 years and never once had BV until I slept with my husband.  I noticed the discharge and the oder.  Went to the doctor and he game me meds for it.  He said my husband did not need to be treated.  As soon as slept with him again, I got it back.  Anyways, I got it back so many times that it turned into PID.  Then I found another doctor who truely believed that BV IS sexually transmitted and treated my husband as well as me and guess what...............never had it again while married.  Later got remarried and ended up with it again.  This time with my new husband.  They would not treat him only me.  Everytime we slept together, I would get it back.   They finally treated my husband and I have not got it back since and it has been 3 years.  I am a firm beliver that BV can be passed through sexual intercourse but good luck at getting your doctor to give your partner anything to treat it.  They do not believe it can be sexually transmitted.  And why not?  It is a bacteria and sorry to say, bacteria is transferrable.  
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Ok well thank you hun...I appreciate you getting back to me :)
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I've had it a few times in my life and it is common in early pregnancy. In fact I had it with this pregnancy. When I went for my 2nd doc visit I was told it showed up on my pap. So they gave me the nasty meds for it but the doc didn't want me to take it until I hit the 13th week mark. So I had to take the meds till they were gone. I'm not sure why it happens but if I had to guess it would be from not showering after sex. I, like most of us go to sleep after sex, when in fact we should shower. But I'm not sure I'm not a doctor. Best of luck to you!!!! Hope you get pregnant soon!!!!
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