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Whats everyone up to???

No one posts here much anymore!

What are you ladies doing to get through these last few months?
Have you got names picked out?
Nurseries set up?
Are you uncomfortable all the time?

We have a name picked out for our boy, Oliver Nelson I think we are going to go with. We arent telling family and friends though!  I set up the crib the other day and painted his dresser a light blue. The baby is going to have to sleep in our room to start out with - our house is very tiny and I don't want to put him in with my son (who is nearly 9) quite yet.

I'm STILL super nauseated all the time. I puke part of EVERYTHING I eat or drink! Even water or freezer pops! It's so miserable. My back hurts a lot of the time too. I'm still working 12-hour shifts for another 2 weeks. I am an ER nurse and want to go down to 8-hour shifts but that will just mean I have to work 11p-7a 5days a week which I am dreading just as much. I got married last month and don't want to be away from my new husband for 5 nights every week! :o(

I guess you gotta do what you gotta do right?

I would love to hear updates from all you vanishing December mommies!
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Im doing fairly good i got over the sickness at 12 or 13 wks and now am 27 wks and hurting all of the time in my hips and back. I think we are going to stick with Hailey Ann. I havent even started on her room yet i guess i need to do something as i only have 12 wks left.
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oh wow.. i feel so bad for you.. you work too much and have too much m/s!  maybe it's from the stress of work and leaving your husband?  i have no symptoms ever since... but now at 29 months my lower back and belly skin is achy.. not pain i would say but it feels like you've been opening your mouth for months and it aches and u wanna just close it!?  you know what i mean.. the skin is tired i feel like ;)  also, i have purchased all of my baby gear, crib , mattress etc but it's in the garage not put together yet!  we dont want it to get dusty.  we'll prob put it together end of october, just in case she comes early :)  she's been moving a lot!  i work only about 5 hours a day and i get naps in the afternoon!  i'm so lazy, i know!  good luck with your m/s and i hope you feel better soon... and the 2 weeks should come by soon!
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lol i meant 29 weeks!  thank goodness it's not 29 months!
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I'm almost 27 weeks and things are going great. I've not been sick at all except for the shingles I had around week 13, that was painful. I'm just ready for this pregnancy to be over with so I can have my body back. I am so short and my belly is so big, I hate to walk. I hate bedtime the most. I can't get comfortable at all. I just want to cry. Oh speaking of crying, man I do that a lot anymore. I cry all the time over nothing. I guess it's better than bitching all the time. I hope these next 12 weeks go by fast. I'm having a c section and with my new doctor he may move it up another week and that would be cool. That would mean I would only have 11 weeks to go. Oh and we picked out a name but I think I'm going to change it if I can come up with something else. And my sugar is still doing fine at this time.
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Well im 28 weeks and im doing fine.  I dont work, my partner does that for us!  Im spoiled i know, haha.  But i would have a job, but i moved here to be with him, and thats the reason for that.  I do sub at the elementary schools every once and while so i guess i do that!  But i'm not sick anymore that ended at 12 weeks.  My belly is getting bigger, and is def. itchy.  Im always putting lotion on it.  Im now awaiting to hear back from my 3 hour glucose test to see if i have GD or if i need to adjust my diet and what not.  Hopefully i passed but who knows.  I too cry all the time over nothing, sometimes my partner is supportive but other times he can be butt!!!  haha  Either way things are going well and im doing good.  We have a name but we arent telling anyone till he gets here.  I just want to be done though i want him to be here and be a mommy!  haha  really hoping this 12 weeks go by quick.  
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Well, Im 29 weeks, tired all the time, specially at night.  My back hurts a lot, my belly is sooo big (no strechmarks yet).
Im getting nauseated again at night (jezzzz).  Oh, and to top it up, I have to get my 3 hoir glucose test over the weekend.
Something good: Im travelling with hubby to miami next week!  We're going shopping for the baby stuff we still need!  I dont really like planes, specially so big, but hey, at least I will be enjoying myself spending money! Haaaaaa!  I Loooove shopping!
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I am 29 weeks with a baby boy, and still no name..........lol  I haven't got much for the little guy as of yet.  I have my dd's crib that he will be using, but still have to go get everything else.  

As for the pregnancy, is it December yet??? LOL  I am over it.  I hurt all the time anymore.  He sits so low in there i can only imagine what will happen when her drops, I think he may fall out.  Ok probably not, but sure feels that way.  Good news I did pass my 3 hour glucose teat...........YIPPY!!!!!  I think they lowered the numbers on the one hour so they can make more money.  This is my 5th pg and never failed it before.  Go figure.  

Other than that, i am excited to meet this lil guy who squirms non stop some days.  We just gotta come up with a name that we can both agree on.
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I am 30 weeks 3 days with a boy!  We are naming him Landen Scott.  We have the nursery finished (crib, changer, dresser, rocker, bedding), but we don't have anything in it yet (such as clothes, diapers, etc).  My shower is going to be on November 1st, so I am kind of waitng it out to see what I get, before I go and splurge.  You can check out my nursery pics on my profile if you guys want!  It is cute and I am proud of it! Now I just need a little baby boy to put in it!  

How do I feel?  Time is going by ever so slowly.  I am more tired lately, but have only been back to work for about 6 weeks or so (I am a teacher).  I have trouble slepping at night now - I just can't get comfortable anymore.  I love getting kicked/hit/punched by my son, but sometimes it keeps me awake.  I don't have any sickness - my back aches from time to time.  Just slowly counting down the days.  
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Hey to all dec mamas....im expecting my second baby which is a boy (first was girl) we just found out at the u/s a week ago...very excited they will almost have the same bdays first dec 14 07 n 2nd due dec 19 08 so very excited about it......I'm excited to have to buy everything again bc i get to experince the blue version this time hehe.. : ) and everything is going ok i guess. switching doctors bc i want a vbac not a planned c-sec...also does anyone know about the aminocitis test..dont know if i spelled it correctly ....my appendix burst at the end of may n had to get surgery plus had x ray done...and now i find out its best to the amino test done to see if everything is ok wit the baby and my doc is sayin no??? i dunno if anyone knows about this plz let me know..... hmmm definitly getting the swollen feet and backaches but nothing serious...the "morning sickness" def not a prob this time around....so yes anywho GOODD LUCK to all the mommies and congrats...keep it up soon halloween (yummy candy) then thanksgiving ohhh the stuffing gotta love it..and whammmm dec shall be here....so take care to all and get lots of rest now....

p.s elyz1214 whoa take it easy girl....12 hr shifts??? your crazy cut down to 6 max doctors orders lol no but seriously i give it up to you that your doing that...just make sure to take long hot well not to hot baths and relax...take care...
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