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baby movement and guessing the gender.

Well i know this sounds like it is very early but i fisrt started to feel some bubble like flutters at 14 weeks and since then the movement has changed to little kicks and jabs - i asked my doc if it was too early to be feeling things but he said as this is my third pregnancy i could feel things earlier and also that my placenta is attached to the back meaning there is not much padding at the front so i would feel it earlier. Well this is one active baby, as soon as i sit or lay down during my toddlers nap time or something there it goes kick kick kick  it is very reassuirng to feel it and makes waiting for the next ob visit alot easier.  My first baby was very active and i was sure it was going to be a very energetic boy but a little girl was what we got (still very active mind you) so who knows this time (2nd pregnancy ended  in mc at 9 weeks).  I think i am carrying higher this time and was sicker with ms than last time - had bad skin for the first 12 weeks like last time so it really is a big guess.  But if i had to go with my instinct i would say i am haivng a little boy.  Anyone else have any theories as to what they are having?  I guess i will know soon enough as i am finding out at my next scan 19.4 weeks which is only 3 weeks away yay.  Hope everyone is well and that your little ones are growing nicely.
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I have girl vibes. Though my mom and boyfriend say Boy. We'll find out July 2nd and I can't wait! I'm really really sick with this pregnancy, even Zofran isnt helping! I was sick with my daughter but not my son so that's what makes me say boy. Though the OB I work with says there's no truth to that.

I think I feel it move every now and then...maybe I don't really but I like to think I do! :o)

I'm 14 weeks tomorrow and we are going on vacation so I'll see you next week!

Carpe- I cant wait to see what you're having!
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This is my first pregnancy....and I started feeling movement at the end of 15wks.  It felt like my stomach got hard and the baby sort of rolled around maybe?  It was weird. Its happened a few other times at first I swore it was gas and it happened w/midwife present and she reminded me its the baby moving.  I find out the sex TOMMORROW.....cant wait.
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I was 15+2 when i felt my first... still waiting to feel this one and i'm 16 weeks today. You must be pleased you can feel baby 3 though!
I had a vague feeling I was having a boy (we did what we could to conceive a boy too - who knows if that had anything to do with it though). I had a scan last friday and there it was - he wasn't AT ALL shy haha
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