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is this the start?

my legs are so sore, my lower pelvis is aching and baby is allready head down.  i was 50% effaced as of last wednesday---  i'm also really queezing feeling and tired....  does anyone know if these are signs that labor is near?  or is this just what being 37 weeks feels like!!!  thanks for the input!  :)
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I have had the aching feeling in my lower pelvis for a while now - especially after sitting/laying for a period of time  - it hurts to move!  I am only 34 1/2 weeks and this is my first so I don't know if it is a sign that labor is near.  I think it just means that the baby is getting into position and putting more pressure on that area.  Good luck!
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i think you are right about the baby getting into position---  today at my drs appointment she told me that i am 1 cm dil. and 50 % effaced and she said that the baby has deffinately dropped since 1 week ago---  i think discomfort is deffinately a sign that baby is coming soon!!!!  best of luck to you too!
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I'm 34 (almost 35 now) and haven't been checked yet, but I hear from so many people that you actually get a burst of energy right before D-day (nesting) I feel your achy pelvis pain though! And my belly hangs so low that everyone I see has to comment on it! "your belly hangs so low!" trust me I know! I get checked on my 36 week visit and I'm excited to see if these aches and pains (and contractions too) are doing anything except keeping me awake at night! Good luck for you!
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29weeks here i have the worst pain in my pelvis like im getting a period and its months over due my lower back is killing me and if i lay down then get up it feels like the baby is just going to fall out and i have really dropped to i was checked on thursday and doc said baby isnt engaged yet and my cervis is still long and im kinda worried as im only 29weeks but i dont want to be a pain and get checked all the time as my contractions have eased off and are only one every few hours but the ones i get make me feel like im going to wet my pants. anyone else feel like this???
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