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6 Days late... to early to take another test?

Hey everyone.
I know there are alot of posts like this out there but i would really like to get some of your oppinon's.
So i was due to get my period on the 14th of dec, About a week befor AF was suppost to come by breasts started to get tender and i started to feel bloted like allways. Now its 6 days later and I am still bloted but i feel alot of pressure in that area. And my breasts, omg are getting more sensitive and sore each day.
Having to visit the bathroom more often is worse more some days then others, I and very tired but when i try to lay down i have one heck of a time falling asleep. Last night was strange to me i woke up at 130 and all i wated to do was eat, also my room mate was up and we started talking, everything she said was driving me nuts, i had to bite my toung.
I took a test on the 14 and got a big fat negative, I would like to take another test but i am not sure if its to early, or if i should just wait it out. I just got want to get dissapointed again.
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So i took Another test today and got another negative. I think I will give it another week or so and try again, If i get another neg then i will go in for blood work.
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A pregnancy test would usually be pretty accurate when you're six days late, but you could have ovulated a little later than you thought. That's not uncommon. Another thing to consider is the sensitivity of the pregnancy test you used. Some are a lot more sensitive than others and will pick up lower HCGs than some of the less sensitive tests. But I think your plan is a good one. Try again next weekend!

Best of luck!
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