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12 Week Appointment - Yeah!

I just wanted to say that today I went in for my 12 week appointment and we got to hear the heartbeat - yeah!  It was 150 which they said was perfect so that is good.  I also have gained 6 pounds throughout my pregnancy so far.  They said that that was what it should be as well, so that is good news - even though I am dreading having to lose all the weight at the end - lol - oh well, a small price for a big miracle, right? :-)  Did anyone else have their 12 week visit recently?
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Horray!  Isn't it amazing??  I'm happy to hear everything went good for you!  Did you get to see the baby too or just hear the heartbeat?  I don't go back in until June 12th and at that point I'll be 14w6d and hopefully we'll be able to see the baby again. :)
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Thats great!! I know it was amazing!! I go for my 12 week appt. Monady!!! I cant wait!!!
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I am thinking we don't get another u/s 'til 20 weeks so I guess I don't get to see it again until then.  This time they just used the little hand held doppler thing to listen to the heartbeat, so we recorded it w/ my cell phone - lol  My next appointment is at 16 weeks so I am not sure if they just kind of do what they did at this appointment again or what.  The nurse just took my weight, listened to the heartbeat and then the doctor asked if I'd been eating enough dairy and fish, etc and went over basic health stuff.  I can't wait to see the bean again!  By then it'll look like a real human! :-)  
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It's always exciting getting to hear the heartbeat.  I had my 12 week appointment Thursday, and I had the NT scan so it was another u/s.  It's the 3rd one I had and it's always amazing watching baby move all over.  I go in 4 weeks and I'm having the anatomy scan, so another visit I'll get to see baby!  I doubt there'll be any u/s after that for me until the 3rd trimester.
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hey glad to hear your 12 week app went well :) i have mine on thursday and i'm so nervous x but i cant wait because then it will feel more real to me and i can relaxe a bit more x
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Happy to hear your 12 week was great. I will have mine next Wednesday. Again, happy for your great visit.
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