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Go Team Blue

We are so happy we are having a Boy. My husband insisted he didn't want to know and but when the Guy doing the Sono said so do you guys know what you are having husband goes no, then he says do you want to know husband shouts yes. I started laughing because secretly I really wanted to know. We were both hoping for a girl but when we were told it was a boy it was the best feeling ever. Yeah it's a Boy. I am so blessed.
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Congrats!!! I am so happy for you! Go Blue Team!!
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how cute- if i ever decided to not find out the sex till the baby was born i'd probaly go crazy!!! LOL
but CONGRATS !!!!

GO BLUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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threeangles - I am so happy for you!  Go team blue! :-)

I don't know how people sit through the whole sonogram and then don't want to find out!  I'd go crazy, too! :-)  Maybe after I have at least one boy and one girl, and I already have stuff for both genders, it'd be fun to wait to find out, but even then, it'd be so hard to wait the whole time - especially when you know all the doctors and nurses already know!  

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congrats! :)
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Thanks Ladies. I know he was so excited he actually shouted yes we want to know. Too cute.
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Hey congrats!!!  Go team blue, we are expecting our first boy!!  Check out recent pictures from today's appointment, he spread himself eagle LOL.  This little guy isn't shy that is for sure!

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