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Leah Marie made it!

I was scheduled to be induced on Sunday night, but ended up starting to have contractions Sunday morning, we went to the hospital in the morning and got sent home because I was only in early labor, so they told us to come back that night when I was scheduled to come in.  I kept having contractions that were getting worse, so by the time I got to the hospital I was dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced so I was able to get the epidural right away, which was great to be able to get sleep since I had a hard time trying to sleep through my contractions. In the morning since I hadn't progressed much they started me on petosin and broke my water, so at around 1/1:30 I was fully effaced, and then dialated to a 10 and then some! haha :) after only a half hour of pushing Leah Marie came out with a full head of blonde hair, 9lbs and 19 inches long on Monday, December 19th at 2:02pm!
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what a story congradulations she is a beauty, seems like all ya have to to is give em a nuge and they will come, my oldest daughter did the same started coming the night before i was induced, they still had to induce and break my water, what a story though i am happy you and baby are doing great, and right before christmas too, gatta love our december babies,  
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Congratulations! :D
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