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Please help

This is really gross but today I developed this case of watery diarrhea. I have not felt the baby move much today and I am worried that something is wrong. I haven't had any problems with diarrhea before. Should I be concerned? Am I just being paranoid?? Again, sorry about the gross factor.
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I think the baby is ok. Some days my little one kicks all day and other days just alittle. Try lying down for a little while or eating something sweet. This is when my little one really get active. As for the diarrhea you may have just ate something that just didnt agree with the baby :). Happens to me when I have mexican food lol! But if you still are having problems tomorrow and havent felt the baby move I would call my doctor. Good luck and keep me posted.
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Thank you for your help. Is it normal for the baby to go through movement cycles like that? Do you know when I should feel her move all the time?
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I had a couple days of diarrhea a few weeks back, but for the past week or two I have had the opposite problem - and no amount of prunes, high fiber cereal, or cranberry juice is helping!  LOL  

And, yes, there are times the baby is facing a direction that when she kicks, you'll feel it, and other times, not.  I think the later it gets, and the bigger she grows, the more you'll feel her.
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