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Who has taken or will be taking a childbirth class?

Just wondering how many of you have or will be taking a childbirth class. I still haven't gotten around to signing up for one, and I was wondering how important this is. Is it something that I really should do, or is not a big deal if I don't sign up for one?
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I took a full class with my dd years ago, and am going tonight for a 2 hour refresher class.  
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It all seems kind of silly to me but my sister said she really liked it and it helps to bond your DH with the new baby and with the whole experience.  I would like to make him feel involved and important so we are going to take it.
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Thanks, guys! I really appreciate it! I might have to get my butt in gear and look into what type of classes they offer at my hospital, too.

If anyone else have any input, I'd love to hear from you!

Heather :-)
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I haven't taken one yet.  They have one starting October 27 at our hospital but it's an hour away so I am still on the fence.
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I always wanted to take a class when I was pregnant with my first child and with this one, but money prevented me from taking it. I wont, everyone I know never took the class.
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kedarhaze: I hear you...they do charge a pretty penny for these courses!

Everyone: I looked online at the classes offered, and wow, they're long! Once a week, over several weeks! I'm not sure I'll have enough time left for the regular course! There is one, though, in mid-November that goes over two Saturdays instead. But that's it. So I guess, it'll have to be that one or none at all for us.
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I know that all they are suppoed to do is teach you to breath, so that you dnt suffocate your baby, which is very inportant, but i think maybe one class wld be good, or go to youtube.com and practic at home. i've heard of some women that do that, i havent done either to be honest.
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I have been soooo worried about AFTER delivery I havent even thought about taking the class!! I should prob look into it! Does anyone know ROUGHLY what they cost. I know it is different for every area. I was just wondering around what they normally cost.
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Thanks again, everyone, for your input... Looks like we're almost 50/50 right now between those who will be going (or have been) and those who won't.

Missmaaine: You're right, it probably depends a lot on where you go, but at my hospital, it's about $100 and up, depending on how extensive of a course you choose. Hope that helps :-)
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I took the class with my first pregnancy and as far as I know my insurance covered it, but it was about $100.  The didn't just show breathing techiquies either, they covered breastfeeding, different possiblities for needing a c-section, other pain management options, different signs of labor, and overall care for taking your newborn home.  They also had some info to help dad/labor coach to better help you.  We were given packets with pamplets, samples and coupons for baby necesities.  They offered the class as four 1 hour long week night classes or one 4 hour Saturday class.  I am not taking it again this time because I remember most of it and I am having a necessary c-section.  I will be taking my kids to the sibling class again, my step kids want to go again to get new t-shirts and I think it would be very helpful to my 3yo, it was for my step kids when they took it before my 3yo was born.
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OK...drum roll, please...the class has been scheduled!!! I found out from one of my neighbors that if I went to a different hospital (still Baylor, but different location), they have one-day classes. So we're going on saturday, November 14th, from 9 am to 5 pm. It'll be a long day, but I prefer to do it all in one day.

Duckymommy: Wow! Your insurance covered it? That's nice :-)
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i took the class in 2002 but after 3 kids dont think i need to take it again, it is good for first time mommys i think but honestly when you go into labor you find your own rythem of pain management, i actually forgot all that was tought in the class. but it is good for knowlege on pain meds and what to expect.
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i took the newborn prep class with hubby and our 2 daughters, aged 8 & 10, it was mostly for them to see what home life will be like with baby. I enjoyed it, was a refresher & saw some new items they have available now :) My girls had many questions afterwards & feel it brough them closer to our little one on the way!
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