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belly button

I am 33 weeks and I was just wondering if I am the only person that has not yet developed the black line underneath the belly button and if i am the only one whos belly button still looks the same..
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i do not have the line, and my belly button has not poped either after three kids ive never got to experiance either of those, so i think it depends on the person and dept of your belly button. but your not alone
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I developed a black line but my belly  button has not popped, I asked my dr if there is something wrong :) but she said it is quite normal and not evverybody will have changes in belly button.
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not all women get Linea negra, some get it right away and some don't ever get it.
I don't have it and didn't w/my first son.
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I don't have the line, but hair on my belly has gotten thicker/more noticeable. Also, my belly button hasn't popped and I'm at almost 35 weeks.
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I got the line with my first child and with this pregnancy; my usually start appearing @5months and keep getting darker has the months pass. I never experience the belly button pop thing. Good luck ladies
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I have never had the dark line and my belly button stayed the same with my first pregnancy, but with this pregnancy it is starting to stick out, but only on top so far.  It also makes it much more sensitive!
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My belly button has not popped either...but I do have a very, very faint line. It's easier to see at a distance (like standing a bit back from the mirror) than up front.

Are you still at only 2 lbs wight gain? Curious to hear what your doctor thinks and if you have gained any weight since your last post.
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My belly button hasn't popped out, and I haven't gotten a line.  I had neither with my last child as well.  I've also been very lucky in the stretch mark department, and haven't gotten any of them either. *knocking on wood*
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I have a line - not very dark though, and my belly button is now flat except at the top where it's like a little lip sticking out.  I haven't gotten many (if any) stretch marks yet either - I am knocking on wood, too mikaleen! :-)
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