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early christmas present-birth story

so hi all its been a long last couple of days so we had our lil bundle of joy on Sunday! December 20th 2009 it was really scary so here is the story went into the hospital Saturday afternoon about 5pm (keep in mind they are 1hr away from us) was there till 8pm and released was having contractions and they were kinda strong but i wasn't progressing(4cm dilated and 80%effaced and not engaged) so they couldn't keep me so went home ate some taco bell and some lefsa and was trying to sleep between contractions this was about 10pm then all of a sudden i felt a gush thought it was my water no it was blood and thick blood and a lot of it so i ran to the bathroom (still half asleep) and dh called 911 it seemed like it took them forever to get there then we got brought to the local hospital they couldn't do anything so they ambulance got called back to bring us l&d and 1 of the l&d nurses met us 1/2 way there she said i was a 7cm dilated so i was omg so we got to the hospital at 2pm on call dr was waiting for us (my Dr was on vacation) but i knew this Dr he delivered my 3rd child cool kind of dr was a lot of pain had no pain meds what so ever it was too late for anything not even new-ban not cool i hate the pain but i know i can do it now i just don't wish it on anyone and i only had to push 1 time and he was out i was soo tired and in so much pain but he was definitely worth it Elliott jaymz weighed 8lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long and was born at 3:50 am still in the hospital now but we will be getting out Tuesday some time
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Oh my gosh...what an eventful weekend! Congratulations on little Elliot Jaymz! He is absolutely perfect!!! I'm sorry you had to go through that bleeding scare on Sunday, though. I can only imagine how frightening that must have been. But I'm glad both mommy and baby are doing good!

And another birth story with no pain meds! Seems like a lot of our December mommies ended up giving birth au natural. I'm so impressed!

Enjoy your first day at home with your little one, and happy holidays!!!

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Aw, congratulations!
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awe what a absoulutely handsome little boy, soooo happy everything went okay and you and elliot are doing great, congrats on the no meds thats a hard one to oversome and get threw, i defently can relate to the pain, delivered all 4 of my kids that way some say i am crazy but personally i hate needles lol. what a wonderful story and merry christmas to you and your family.
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