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Alexander Zadiel is almost here and we still haven't decided whether or not to have the circumcision. Any opinions on this? Have any of you decided on one for your babies or previous ones? Just wondering if its bad whether we do it or not.
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Having a boy here.  The more I know, the more I'm willing to do anything in my power to save my son from such a horrible experience.
1. Its illegal and unethical to do to girls.  Even the American Academy of Pediatrics agreed that most forms of female genital mutilation are less severe than male circumcision.
2. There are no significant medical benefits.  Access to condoms, showers, and antibiotics negate and surpass any possible benefits.
3. More baby boys die every year from circumcision than SIDS, suffocation, or drowning.  A newborn only needs to lose a single ounce of blood to go into shock, the loss of two ounces can cause death.
4. No form of pain relief that can be offered to a newborn is effective enough.  How is it ethical to use something no stronger than Orajel to amputate the most nerve sensitive area of the body?  Babies are hypersensitive to pain and circumcised boys even show exaggerated pain responses months later.
5. His body, his choice.  When a boy is kept intact he still has the choice to have the procedure done when he is old enough to decide for himself.  When a circumcision is performed in infancy, he has no choice.  Boys have actually sued their circumcisers because they are so distraught over what was stolen from them against their will.

6. Just watch a circumcision.  Observe what they actually do these innocent little newborns.  There is a reason parents aren't allowed to watch the actual procedure being done to their son.
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We are having a boy as well.  For every argument, there is a counter argument.  There are a lot of things my children will not be able to decide for themselves (vaccines, circumcision, etc) that we parents will have to decide.  

I think this is a personal choice, for us we are going to do it.  I am sure there is some level of pain involved, and that there are potential risks.  We are not ignorant to that, but have decided what is best for our family.

Perhaps if you are on the fence, you could wait and let them decide as Ant said...
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This is a hot topic!  My son who is 4 was circumcised.  We were in the room the entire time and watched the entire procedure.  We were well educated on what was going on, what they were doing to manage the pain, and again, we were both right there with him.  So, I have watched this being done to my own son.  He never cried during the entire procedure.  He was medicated and medicated for a few days afterwards, we never had any issues with blood loss, or infection.  We are having another little boy and for our own personal reasons we will be doing it again.  We both will also be right there again as well.  Good luck this is your decision.  That's the best part about being a parent you get to decide what is best for you!
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We are having a boy & a girl. I am pretty sure we want our lil David circumsized though. I agree it is a matter of preference and parenting:)
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My brother-in-law is not circumsized and he said he really wishes that he would have been when he was a baby. He hates not being circumsized but also hates the thought of having the surgery now. He is still kind of bitter to his mother for deciding not to do it. He insisted that we circumsize out little boy (we were going to anyways).

Just giving you an uncircumsized males perspective :-)

Take care!
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The decision is up to you and you alone. There are explanations as to why to do it and why to not do it.

I have a two year old son and we decided to get him circumcised. We had NO issues with it what so ever.

I don't think you're torturing, or mutilating, or disfiguring your child if you decide to. For one, you're getting it done so young he won't remember. No one I've ever heard of has been through it at an older age WITHOUT pain meds, so I really don't think it's fair to say just how much it hurts. Their "innocence" has NOTHING to do with your decision.

If you go to youtube and look up a circumcision video (I have done this.) Yes the baby cries, but they start crying before they're cutting...it's a newborn with it's pee pee being messed with, and it's not sure what's going on...it's going to cry. BUT right after they're done it's like it never happened. A lot of places take the baby out of the room away from the parents, and honestly you never know anything happened. They brought my son back happy as a camper...he wasn't crying or anything. If I didn't know that he'd just had a circumcision and the evidence wasn't in his diaper, I wouldn't have though anything had happened at all.

It's a decision for you and your other half to make, plain and simple. Just like Waitingforgoodnews said, for every argument there is a counter argument. Talk to your other half and decide for yourselves. Don't let anything influence your decision on whether or not you should do it besides your own educated opinions.
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