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Glucose Testing

I am scheduled for my Glucose screen in a few weeks.  I have been looking this up online because, as this is my third pregnancy, the instructions from this doctor don't seem to be what I recall in the past.  They are saying it is okay to eat my "normal meals" on the day of the test, but to avoid sugary foods and drinks.  In my past two pregnancies I seem to recall having to fast before this test, which was confirmed by my findings online: " For eight to 14 hours before the test, you can't eat or drink anything but sips of water..."  Also, I will point out that they are calling this test an RGS (Random Glucose Screen) and not a Glucose Tolerance Test, just in case that makes a difference.  

Anyone else here that has taken this test been able to eat normally beforehand?  Were the results affected by this?  I am concerned if I do eat that will throw the results off, and I am concerned if I DON'T eat that will throw it off lol (catch 22 :o)  I'm sure the doctor's office wouldn't say I could eat if it was going to interfere with the results, but stranger things have happened, and this doctor's office doesn't always seem to have it together (e.g. they refer me out to a doctor two hours away for things I think they *should* be able to do here, they tried to draw blood twice for the same thing [sequential screen I had already done and *I* had to point that out, they missed it!] etc.)  Thanks!
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I know for the 1 hour test, my dr required no fasting. i failed that one and so for my 3 hour test I have to fast from midnight on and no water once I get to my appointment...makes me hungry thinking about it.
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My dr said that we needed to fast for a least 2 hours on 1 hour test, but best to not eat anything after midnight and do it first thing in the am. He told me that is the best way to not fail and have to do the 3 hour test. I have not got my test results. I will get them tomorrow(i hope) i'm going to call and ask if i past it. Since I have pcos and was on metformin for insulin resistance of it, they think i will not get GD, but we will see.
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for the one hour test you should eat normally.
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Follow the instructions you were given for the test you have.
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This is my third as well and I was told to eat regularly each time and avoid sugary foods as well.  I have never failed this test or needed the 3 hour test so that may be different.
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I ate Lucky Charms about two hours before I took my test, I was at the drs office already and she said to go ahead and do it, that it would be ok. I just took did the GTT Friday, so I don't know the results, I'll keep you updated if I fail it...
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Thanks, ladies!  Yes smjmekg, please do lmk how that went! :o)  And WifeofAnt, the point is if I just "followed" everytime without doing a little work on my part they would have missed my sequential screen draw during the appropriate timeframe had I not called them and told them about it.  Then they tried to draw me again for the same thing weeks later.  I actually had the needle in my arm before anyone would check and verify that they didn't, in fact, need the blood.  So, like I said, this office does not always have it together, and if suddenly on my third pregnancy I am getting different instructions than I have had at other offices before, and conflicting with what I can find on the net, I thought it a good idea to see who else out there has had this test on a normal diet and if the results were ok.  This is, after all, a forum for just that kind of thing.
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I just had my 2nd glucose test and was told to fast after midnight and had to drink the very sugary drink wait an hour and give more blood. It was exactly the same protocal as last time. I have a friend though whose DR told her not to eat carbs the day of test but she could eat. I'm not sure why the difference in instructions. Hope yours went well:) Still awaiting my results.
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Got my GTT results, and I passed. Even after eating a sugary cereal that morning, no problems.
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For the one hour test my doctor told me to eat a high protein, low sugar breakfast like eggs and bacon.  He suggested to stay away from breads or other things that can be converted into sugar or any carbs.  I ate one fried egg and 2 strips of bacon and I passed!
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There are different tests.  Some require you to fast for longer than others (some don't make you fast at all) and have different glucose thresholds.  I'm pretty sure if it has a different name then it *is* a different test.  If you're not sure about the instructions or you think they are giving you the wrong test you can always call and confirm or ask the doctor yourself if you have a 'normal' appointment before then.
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I had my glucose test this morning.  My instructions were to eat a normal breakfast but to avoid sugars and juice. Since I was at the labs at 7:00 am this morning I elected to not eat before and had breakfast after the test.  The lab technician did not ask if I had fasted.  The test I took was the one where you have a small drink- you must drink it in 5 minutes or less, and an hour from that they draw your blood.  The first one.  Hopefully everything is good.  I won't get a call back on results unless I need to do the three hour one.  If everything is good, I will just talk about it at my next OB visit on 10/4. HTH
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Thanks for all the answers :o)  
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This is my third as well and I was in the same boat as you. I was told to eat normally for the 1 hour. I chose not to eat and I failed the test. The say it may have been becasue I didn't eat but I don't know what to believe. The normal result range was 3-7 and I scored a 8.3, so I had to do the 2 hour test. I had to fast for 12 hours and only allowed to have water. It was not fun and I was light headed but got through it. I am just waiting for my results now.
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Hope you pass!  Keep us posted :o)
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I was told to fast for mine and went in the morning with an appt (because with not having an appt it can take over an hour to start) and about 5 mins after drinking the glucose I threw it up.  I've had so much going on that I haven't had a chance to go back for it.  I'm 28 weeks now, is it too late?
I need to call the office but it's huge and they barely even know one patient out of the hundreds they must see.  I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else took theirs that late?
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yeah i passed my 2 hour...what a HUGE relief!!!
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JadedSweetheart: 28 weeks is when I am scheduled for my one hour (next week) so I think you are right on track! :o)

kwame's girl:  Woohoo!  Congrats!    
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Well I got a call this morning and my levels are REALLY HIGH. (11.2ml) 7.8 + is diabetic.
So i'm going to a diabetic clinic on Monday. I'm kinda freaked out a bit but I suppose they will do more tests.

Thing is I ate 2 pieces of cinnemon rasin bread before the glucose test. and also a muffin before the bloodtest. My dr did not say I needed to fast so i didn't. But now since my levels are so high I am wondering if maybe they are wrong and that it did affect the test.

Either way i'll find out on Monday at the diabetes clinic, but honestly, if I were any of you I would fast just in case. I found 2 links both saying to fast. I mean how can eating sugar NOT affect a test??



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But fasting too long can make you have high numbers too.  In my other December due dates group everyone who didn't eat anything that day failed their 1 hour.  I wouldn't advise eating sugary/carby foods before the test but not eating anything is going to send your body into starvation mode.
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Thanks, Brigadiva, I called the office and asked and they said it's okay.  I asked if I had to fast because that was part of the reason it was hard for me to keep the glucose down and they said I didn't have to but not to eat anything really sugary before the test.  Originally the nurse told me I did have to fast, but this time they said it would be okay to eat.  She even said if they ask me if I fasted just to tell them I did so they would do the test.  
That's the way my doctor's office is, though.  I hope you get a good result!  
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Yeah hope you get a good result cuz i'm so freaking depressed now that I found out i have really high levels. I hope that me eating sugary stuff may have spiked the test, so I guess i'll have to wait until Monday when they do the 3h test.

It's not fun cuz it feels like i'm failing the baby. I know I can work on my diet but I still feel terrible about it. I hope you pass. Being told you don't really *****.
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At the lab they told me not to eat or drink anything between the glucola and the blood test, so it could totally be that whatever you ate spiked your numbers. This is just a screen anyway, it's not diagnostic, so I hope everything turns out ok for you! It's annoying you have to go through the 3 hour test though,
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I'm sorry you had really high levels.  Try not to beat yourself up over it as even with controlling diet, some women just develop GD or get a weird test result. I'm not saying that you have GD at all.  Hopefully it's just that you ate sugary stuff.
You're definetly not failing the baby.  It's clear that you are a good mom who cares about taking care of yourself and your baby, no matter what your test results.
I hope you get good news after the 3 hour test!
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