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Okay so how much weight have you gain?

I'm 19 weeks today and I have already gained 10-11 pounds! Is this alot? It all seems to have happened this last month. So just curious to how much everyone has gained and how many weeks u r?

19 weeks
10-11 pounds
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I'm 17 weeks and have gained a total of 8 lbs. I think you are on the right mark.  
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21w3d and have a total of negative 8 pounds. But I lost 22 to begin with so that means...hold on math skills happening here....I have gained back 14 pounds.
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19 weeks and I am negative 3 pounds, I lost 10, so I have gained back 7 pounds.
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Almost 19 weeks, negative 20 pounds. Haven't gained any back at all. It worries me, but she's doing fine!
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17 1/2 weeks and i've gained 11.  my midwife is happy with where i am :)
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Iv Gained about 14 pounds :( i have been naughty, i went from exercising every day and being on a diet to being pregnant and i havnt been exercising or eating great, im just so tired
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I'll be 19 weeks on friday!! (:
and have gained 6 pounds, minus the 10oz that my baby weighs. LOL!! (:
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Our surrogate has gained 12 pounds, we are at 18 weeks with twins.
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I am 17weeks... -6.6 pounds. I have a dr appointment on 7/27, so we'll see then if I have gained anything back. Not partial to a whole lot of weight gain, since I started heavier than I was ending my last pregnancy. When you're over weight (per standards) its not good to gain a ton. Hoping to naturally go into labor and have a sucessful VBAC.
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I'll be 19 weeks on Friday and have gained 9 pounds. Somehow I still have some clothes that fit me but prolly not for long :)  Ever since the nausea stopped, I've been trying to go to the gym a couple of times a week and walk the dog more often.
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I never had any nausea. I have been more hungry than ever since 5 weeks pregnant. geez.....
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20 weeks starts tomorrow, and I've maybe gained 1 pound.

Caralea~~~you sound exactly like me.  I started heavier than my end of pregnancy weight with DS, and I'm trying for a VBAC this time.
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19 weeks and not gained anything really.
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im 17 weeks i've gained 3 pounds.
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It is nice to not be gaining like crazy and it all helps with the successes of a VBAC. Staying healthy and limiting the complications. Good luck girl!!
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21 weeks...18 lbs
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19 weeks and about 7-8 lbs. All in the boobs and belly :)
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You are doing JUST fine! I work very closely with someone on the weight and my pregnancy... and you are doing GREAT! Keep up the good work!
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I have been very bad...my craving is Macdonalds. I have gained 13 pounds and I'll be 19 weeks on Saturday. Oops. lol. The doctor says its fine its just harder to lose after.
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So ladies.. new update I went to the Dr today for my 18week check up. Guess what I lost another pound!!! I am now -7.6 pounds.. uh-oh!

My MidWife said even someone who started out over weight at the begining should gain a healthy 15 pounds to keep up with the baby's weight/height and water. I know my boobs have grown and my pants are much tighter- same with my shirts.. but still I cant seem to keep weight.

I think in some ways it is blessing not getting too big and not having to shed it all at the end with having a new born. But I dont want to harm my baby by not keeping weight on for him or her. My last pregnancy I gained 25-30 pounds, but that was after I worked out for 6 months several times a week prior to getting pregnant and lost 40 pounds!!

Any suggestions? I dont crave any one thing and I cant eat a whole lot in one setting.. I mainly have been eating small portions, several times a day. I cant eat normal size portions or I feel like crap!
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Drinking milk is good for the baby's weight.  I know it's partly an old wive's tale, but partly true as I have known women who loved milk and had big babies and women who didn't and didn't.
I've gained about 10-11 lbs and I'm at 21.3 weeks. I have found that just eating what I can eat and not eating what I can't helps.  I also eat a bowl of healthy cereal at night or something so that I don't wake up starving and sick to my stomach.
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21 weeks tomorrow and still haven't gained a thing!!! My aunt told me she'd only gained 5 lbs by 30 weeks because I mentioned I was worried about not gaining. She gained about 10 more after with each pregnancy. I'm gonna ask the dr at my next appoinment Aug 10, but being a little heavier before getting pregnant I'm assuming it's not doing any harm...
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At my dr appt on Monday (at 21wks5days) I gained a total of 22 pounds.  I feel like I am right on target.  I only gained 3 pounds the 3 months.  So I estimated I should gain 8-10 pounds a month after that.  I read I should gain 45-50 pds with twins.
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I'm 21 weeks and at my 20 week appointment I was up 14lbs.  I was not one of the luck ones that went negative first, I just started gaining!!  
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