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Symptom Check

Ok ladies.  I'd like to compare symptoms.  This is my 3rd pregnancy, but the last one was over 2 years ago and ended in a miscarriage at 6weeks...my first was with my DD 4 years ago, so I can hardly remember what this feels like.  I just remember being EXHAUSTED with her (that was my first cue to take a test).  This time around since we've been TTC over 2 years, of course I pay attention to every little symptom.

I just got my BFP today (12dpIUI) and my only real symptom is tender breasts.  On 7&8 dpIUI i was once again EXHAUSTED (which made me hopeful for the first time in forever that I was pregnant) but the last 3 days I've been good energy wise.  Hoping that isn't a bad sign.

Anyway, I just wanted to see how everyones symptoms have been progressing.
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Congrats!!! I'm exhausted for like a week now! My breasts aren't real tender though.. I wouldn't worry I'm sure every pregnancy is a different experience. I have slight abdominal cramping.. Do you?
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HI and congrats!!  I have had very tender breasts and just a little tired,but like everyone says, every pregnancy is different.  Good Luck and blessings!
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I had insomnia with my son, and I stayed up most of the night the first few months, and finally was able to sleep at night further into my pregnancy, but I was always tired with him too, and my breasts were VERY sore.

This time, I have slightly sore breasts and really don't feel pregnant at all...I am more tired, but it's not too bad yet.
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I can't sleep for the life of me. I wake up every few hours and toss and turn all night. My breasts weren't all that sore, but it seems like every day that goes by they start to get even more sore. Off an on headaches, and very tired. I got sick after eating pizza yesterday night. And Now I think I'm getting sick, I have a bad sore throat and my nose is stuffy.
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Nicole~~~I had that a few days ago, it didn't last long, but man it $UCKED! You can take benadryl, but I wouldn't take anything else, other than maybe tylenol if you get a fever.
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So far I get tired in the afternoon, sometimes exhausted!  on and off sore bbs.  and the Nausea has kicked in but not in the morning.  The morning I feel fine, it starts to come on in the afternoon and gets worse at night.  and I can't eat chicken, it makes me gag (which I live on chicken)!  
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i get extremly tired early evening...6-7pm. Ive been going to sleep between 7-9pm, VERY rare for me. Extremly sore boobs, cramping off&on. Moody&sensitive
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I'm with jennlaurin, I get so sleepy in the early evening and have been going to bed around 8:30ish!!  I'm starting to get more nauseated if I don't eat something like every hour...even if it is just a small piece of fruit.  Oh, speaking of fruit, most of it tastes funny to me now!!  I took a bite of a banana for breakfast this morning and about gaged.  I had to thow the banana away!!  I still have some on and off cramping and a little extra gas, lol!!  My bbs are pretty sore most of the time; however, sometimes they are a little less sore than others.  I also have an unquenchable thirst!!  That is not fun when you potty breaks have already increased for the pregnancy and now I have to potty even more because I drink so much water!!  I have to carry a water bottle (one that is reuseable that goes on a bike) with me all the time and I have already gone through 1.5 of those just this morning!
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I get sleepy in the morning and breast tenderness in the evening.  I think I might have a touch of morning sickness now too.  I agree with 1angelbabyM, I also have a crazy thirst and carry a 1 liter water bottle everywhere I go.  I was having some insomnia at first but I'm doing much better.  I don't know if it really counts but my left breast has started to grow, lol.  The right one... not so much.
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My breast got really big but they really don't hurt.( anyone else feel that) I am dizzy but it could be from my blood pressure meds they added last week, I'm always hungry so I went a got so fruit. I also get very tired early and have been in bed by 9pm alot. I'm yawning all day long.
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I wish I had the problem of them getting bigger! lol  I am waiting for that!!  =)

I am yawning all day too!  

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I've been really sick all weekend so pregnancy symptoms have melted into just being sick. I feel better today, just weak.
I've been cramping and bloating since I found out, so far no nausea  and I can't tell yet if I'm tired because of being sick. I haven't craved anything yet but I used to eat a boiled egg about 3 or 4 times a week for breakfast and now I can't eat the yolks!
I've had cramping pretty bad last night and today really low, no spotting though. Anyone else notice cramping again? I had it all the time at first and it subsided and now it's back again. It's a little concerning.
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i have alot of sharp shooting cramps off and on throughout the day pretty much everyday since my BFP. I asked the RE & she said it is very normal, it is your uterus streching. the ligaments that support the uterus will strech and expand causing cramps. Mine are usually if i sneeze...go from sitting to standing, or if i am laying in bed and go to roll on my side...then i get like a sharp pain for about 30 seconds ...sometimes lasts a few minutes.
As long as it isnt severe...then no need to worry :) i also did heck of alot of googling about it just to make sure because this is my first pregnancy so every symptom i get or dont get it worries me!
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morning sickness has officially set in. My OB gave me reglan to take before I eat and phenergan to take when I get nauseated. So far, it's helped tremendously. And I'm getting a cold or something, so I have to go get some benadryl later. My boobs are more sore today, and I'm having lower back cramps. Other than that, I'm doing pretty good. I have my first ultrasound in 2 weeks!
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I started with cramping, tired and sore breast on and off. Week five the gagging and dryheaving set in along with boobs sore everyday. Now at 7 weeks I threw up for the 1st time...well, first 3 times this morning!! Morning sickness seems to be everyother day and in the morning or late afternoon...does m/s normally follow a pattern?
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I have tender breasts and sore nipples, I pee a lot, I'm not sleeping well and I wake up super early like around 4-7am and can't go back to sleep even though I'm exhasuted! I also have on and off period like cramps and a diff type of cramp..I have to eat small meals or I feel sick. But no morning sickness yet..thats about it! Oh and really really moody... I'm happy one minute and mad at something stupid the next. with nooo patience...hehe
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you just explained my week to the "T" ! Waking up around 4-5am and not being able to sleep...but im always so tired. I have had the same type of cramps since i found out i was pregnant...with also sharp pains joining in at times, which i found out is your uterus streching and making room for the baby, so thats a relief that its normal :))
It seems like if i dont eat every 2-3 hours i will start gagging and feeling really pukey.
It's like i better not even let myself get the least bit hungry or i will pay for it ! And i cant eat alot when i eat...just a little, if i eat a normal portion size then i feel sick like i ate too much even though it really isnt much.
I cried off and on all day yesterday...once was because the dishes were piled up and i got sick of doing them for the 100th time in a day...hubby felt so bad he cleaned the whole house, and hasnt left a dish since LOL.  
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Compared to how some of you are feeling I feel great.  There's this slight gagging that makes me feel like I might puke but it doesn't get very strong and I'm not actually nauseous.  I'm finding it hard to eat too.  Absolutely nothing sounds good.  I think this is what it feel like to be starting to get the flu, rofl!!  Of course I don't get the flu since I have some kind of odd immune system (I ALWAYS sleep it off, almost never actually feel the being sick part).  Its not exactly tired, just run down and disinterested in life.
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I think I have the latest EDD of the bunch...so I guess it's not a surprise I just don't have many symptoms.  The bbs are still mildly sore, and I do have the occassional cramp.  Otherwise, really nada.  that is why it is still surreal I'm pg because I just don't feel it!  I'm sure it will kick in soon though...
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JILIANPORTER - what's your edd? Mines Dec. 2ndish!! Update on my symptoms, boobs not as sore and the morning sickness continues, yellow bile 2x this morning!!
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My EDD is 12/21...i'm just 4 wks 3 days along...today i'm feeling icky though.  Boobs are still sore (not horrible by any means), mild tenderness.  I see a pattern though...they are less sore when I wake up and get worse during the day.  Only painful if they get squished (like when my DD jumps on me lol).  Today is the first day I am thinking...hmmm is this morning sickness?  i'm just feeling yucky all around so we will see.  
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I just found out I am pregnant with #3. I have one DD who is 6yrs old, and my last pregnancy also ended at 6 wks back in Feb. Well I found out on 4/13, I noticed that I had gained a few pounds, so I knew something was up. I had pretty much given up for this month since I tested on 4/5 and had a bfn. What I did notice different was a lot of heartburn which is by the way, very rare for me. That is why I tested. I find myself very exhausted in the afternoons, also have some breast tenderness, and a little cramping that usually goes away after a nap.
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You ladies are having a rough time of it! It makes me feel a little guilty, to be honest. I have days of utter exhaustion (and I will sleep, sleep, sleep!), but otherwise I am good. I attribute this in part to my wierd habit of waking around 3 AM and not going back to sIeep, so it's sort of a cycle which fortunately seems to coincide with the weekends. If I let myself get hungry I will get nauseous, but otherwise I am good (except for one day I was nauseous all day and I really disliked that!). I can eat all the usual stuff. I do miss my evening glass of wine though! (Oh well, small price to pay). I had early cramping, but not so much anymore (I am 7 weeks). My breasts were wicked sore when I went through IVF, now I feel them but I wouldn't call it painful... they are just bigger and feel full  (yeah!). I have abdominal bloating, so one minute I have a sizable baby bump, the next it's virtually undetectable to anyone but me or my husband. This whole experience is a trip! I jokingly say an alien has taken over my body... which isn't untrue at all, I guess. Well, actually two have! I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon! It helps to read everyone's symptoms to remind me it isn't all in my head, this stuff is normal and I am not alone!
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man you just made me feel tons better as i have the cramps on and off all day.
i have had progressively darker HPT for 7 mornings now and have my blood test wed (IVF #1
still wondering if there is 1 or 2 in there....but won't know for 2 more weeks...
EDD 12/25/10
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