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fitness/exercise motivation thread :)

starting a thread to help me and others keep up their fitness regimen throughout our pregnancies (with modifications of course).

anyone else with me?
i managed to walk hills on the treadmill for 20 minutes and lifted weights today, despite really wanting to just go home to nap.  and i feel much better for it :)
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Hey there....way to go :) I am going to do wii fit tomorrow ! I'm too scared to do any serious workouts....so nervous something will go wrong. Wii fit is good excersize&fun...ever try it? Wish I had a treadmill....but the weather is finally starting to get nice here so I will have no excuses!
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no wii here...but i have a gym membership and lots of videos to use :)
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I am walking every day. I walk 2-3 15 minute walks a day, which is hard since I am so tired all the time.

I have already been told not to gain any weight with the pregnancy.
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lori0615~~~Wow..how rude! I wanted to slap my dr for telling me not to eat more than 1500 calories or gain more than 15 lbs with my son, I can't wait to hear what they tell me now...I'm 30 lbs heavier still after having him. I'm 5'4'' and was only 140-145 when I got pregnant with DS. I was happy with my weight, but didn't exercise much because I was so tired and lived in a crappy area where I didn't want to walk alone.

ALL~~~I've been walking or trying to go for an hour walk every other day because I discovered every day is too much. Exercising is a really good way to keep up your energy, good job everyone for at least starting off doing good! No matter how tired we all are even a 15-20 min walk once during the day is better than sitting around exercising our fingers, lol. If you're cleaning what I like to do is play some music and dance around while I'm cleaning...if it's making you move you're exercising.
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OH! And by the way ladies, there's an exercise tracker on here too that I've been using to keep up with my walking. I'm trying to post every time I'm exercising so I can see what I'm doing and either increase a little if I'm doing good or decrease a little if it's too much.

And by mistake I lied...I'm walking Mon, Wed, and Fri. The last two days I didn't because DS has an ear infection, just found that out at his drs appointment today but his fever had been between 100 and 104.2...so I was at home with my momma's boy...
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Yes, I am with you!  I was 5'6" and 139 when I got pregnant with DS, then 154 with DD, and 158 this time!  Yikes!  The second time I really had to work to get the weight off.  I was ok with my prepregnancy weight with my DD, it was within the normal range and I could still fit in an 8, so it seemed ok, but there is a big difference now.  My body is just not as toned as it used to be and my pants don't fit the way I want them too.  I really started working out 5 months before TTC this time, and am going to stick with it.  It's hard though, I do a cycling class, and a few cardio classes at the gym a week.  The classes make it much more inviting to go, that's for sure.  I did prenatal pilates with my DS, and NOTHING with my DD, so I think that is why it was so hard to loose the weight this last time.  At least that is what I am betting on and hoping it goes better this time.  This is my last little one, so I hope be back below 140 when all is said and done.
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made it to the gym again today :)
yay me :)
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Well I weigh 318 pounds right now, I weighed 323 when i went to the dr's appt on 04/08/10 that is when they said not to gain weight. In fact I have been told to lose weight. not alot of weight but try to lose some each day by staying away from the foods that have no value.
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anyone else in on this?
i just signed up with a personal trainer to meet with every other week to adjust my program as needs.
jenna EDD 12/25
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