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6 Month Checkups!!!

Alright ladies....as our little ones go for their 6 month checkups.....lets post how big they have gotten and whats new with them???

Sarah had her 6 month appt yesterday. I dont have all the exacts as I left the paper at home, but I know that she weighed 18 lbs 8 ounces......still in the 95th % for weight.......I know she was in the 95th % for head measurements and her length was 75th% I think...but dont know the exact numbers, will post later.

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Michaela had her six month check up 2 weeks ago.  She weighed in at 7.4 kg (16.2 lbs), and was 69 cm long (27 inch) and head at 44 cm (17.3 inches).  Height is off the local charts (in Phils) and she's in top range for weight.

She's just got her first cold and has been coughing a lot (caught it during our trip to Australia and she and I are both coughing).

She can now crawl, move to sitting and sit alone, and pull to standing using her crib. When excited she jumps up and down and waves her arms wildly.  She squeals when i tickle her tummy.  She is now beginning to prefer me to anyone else.  She hates to be put down and can scream like a stuck pig when I do.

She had an allergic reaction to egg yolk last week.  First time we tried egg yolk no problem.  Second time, she threw up after about an hour - and was quite unwell/ subdued for a while.  I didn't connect it with the egg.  Thought maybe from the travel, or something.  We tried egg yolk a week later.  She threw up violently within a few minutes of the first spoon.

Some of the baby vaccinations are grown on eggs.  I haven't had her vaccinated yet (though she had the infant Hep B 1st and 2nd shots), and now given this reaction, guess we'll have to wait anyway.  Am glad I didn't yet.
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Myra's appointment is on Sept 9th, so I won't know much until then.  

At 4 months, she was 18 pounds 14 ounces and 25 3/4 long, so I don't know what she is now.  But I KNOW she's big enough now to go into the convertible carseat.  LOL  I'm just worried when she sleeps in the car, that he head will fall downward like my other kids' did.  I hated seeing that.  Looks like it hurts.  

I never thought of eggs when my son was getting reactions with his vaccinations.  His lag would literally feel like sandpaper.  It would break out so mad with hives and be very red.  The doctors said he was fine.  But he still doesn't eat eggs to this day because she gets sick from it!!  

He's got to get his 2nd MMR for school and a lead test (State law) before the first day of school.  I hope he makes out good with the shots because its been 2 years since the last one!!  
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Mikayla's 6 month check up is August 14th so I'll update then, but I know she weighs 20lb 8oz because we weighed her on the hospital scale last Friday.  She's growing out of all of her clothes, she's growing too quick - so sad :(
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Well, I messed Sarahs up...just looked at the paperwork. She was 18 lbs 9.5 ounces, 26 1/2 inches long.
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everyone is telling me Michaela is so big.  But guess she's one of the lighter bubs.

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Kinlee had her 6 month check up last thursday and she was 14.5 lbs and 26" long. She has been crawling for the last month in a half or so. She has her two bottom front teeth. She says DADDA all the time. She is pulling up all the time. She is also standing. She sits by herself. She even drinks from a sippy cup. And eats whole containers of  the #2's in baby food and as well as the fruit. But not much into her bottle now.
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Wow, Kinlee is growing up so fast! Crawling.....sippy cup......congrats on the milestones!
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Aww all our babies are growing so fast!! Myra and Mikayla are as big as Caiden! I weighed him a few days ago and he was 20 pounds 2 ounces! And he just turned 6 months yesterday. I can't believe it! Their getting so big. I've saved his newborn clothing (well my favorites) and I get so sad looking at them, knowing how little he once was :( But his age right now is so fun!
He has his checkup this Friday so will update more then! So happy to hear all your little ones are doing great!!
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Results are in! Caiden is 6 months 4 days old and he weighs 20 pounds 2 ounces and he is 28" tall! The nurse said he is one of the tallest 6 months old she's seen!!
I thought he would way more than that so I was surprised he was just over 20 but still a big boy! He did great with his shots and were starting him on baby food tomorrow-can't wait!
Not too much is new from my last post...he sits up, is starting to crawl, has 2 teeth, says "da da", gives hugs and waves! He's so cute and at such a fun age!
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Logan's appt is not until Sept . But at his July 29th appt he weight 19 lbs and was 27 1/2 inches long. He sits up he just cut his first tooth on 8/10. He says "maa" His gives hugs and open mouth kisses lol. He is learning to try to stand. He rolls around everywhere. and is learning to scoot a bit. We have been on baby food for about 5 weeks now and he loves it.  
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At Mikayla's 6 Month check-up, she weighed 20lbs 11oz (!!) and was 27 3/4 in long.  Her head circumference was also 18in, which is an inch bigger from her 4 month checkup.  She was again, in the 90th%'s for everything.  The doctor said she is the size of a 9 month old! LOL.  But he said that she is proportion so it is nothing to worry about.  She hasn't rolled over yet (ahh I know) so he said that is the only thing we need to work on.  She has been on baby food for the past 2 months now, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Now we are moving onto the stage 2 foods, so that'll be fun.  So far I have only tried one fruit mixture and one veggie mixture, because of testing the allergies and all.  Doc did say she can have some small pieces of actual fruit, as well as cheerios and puffs!  I am going to try starting her on the sippy cup soon, but only for her water and juice.  

Devlopmental wise, Mikayla does everything she "should" do at this stage except roll over - she sits up without support, picks things up, transfers things from hand to hand, stands supported but can also stand and hold onto the side of the couch for a bit on her own, she turns to her name and any other noise.  She is a very happy and active baby!
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well mckenna is  just over  six months old and doing  great. She has her next dr app on the  24 so i will findout  her  newest  updates on everything. She just  cut her frist tooth this  past thrusday and she has been eating  breakfast lunch and  dinner  for a awhile  now  she loves her baby  food. She  sits up with  a lil bit of  supprt and she can pull herself to  standing if  u  hold her hands and she  rolls everywhere. I swear i  put her  down onher  play mat and in  seconds she is already rolling off it. She  responds when  some  calls her  name  or  her nickname of  Peanut. She is still small and petite  but getting  chunker and  bigger by the day. She  just starting give open mouth drooly kisses and  laughs up a storm  when it  give her raspberries then  she  trys to do them  back to u. She grabs at everythign and then  try to  get it  right her  mouth she getting  funnier  by the  day she has tried  getting up to  to crawl but only  falls back  down on her belly and then gets mad.  Hope everyone elses baby are  doing great and their mommies as well
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Soph is doing well!  Such a cutie pie, I say!  She is 17.4lbs and 27 and a half inches.  We started solids a few weeks back and so far there isn't a food she out right dislikes.  
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Brooke had her 6 month check-up yesterday and is 16 pounds 9oz and is 26".  I can't believe how fast she's growing up *sniff sniff*
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We finally started Caiden on baby food this past Saturday! He's been on rice cereal since he was 4 in a half months old...he has it with his dinner bottle. But we started him on Green Beans and I don't think he likes them! LOL. He makes funny faces. At first I thought it was just because it was something different...but it's 6 days later and he still does it. And he doesn't eat much of it. I bought the Gerber 2 pack plastic containers and he eats a fourth of the jar in one sitting (if were lucky). So I don't think he's a Green Bean fan! But his doctor said to try 1 new food every 7 days so we have to wait until this Saturday to try something new. I think we'll do something with more yummy flavor like Sweet Potatoes! His face is too funny though, it makes eating so much fun when you get to experiment with them!

And Caiden can stand on his own too! We were trying just for fun the other day and he did it for a minute straight with no help! Our babies are growing up too fast!
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We finally got Nathan into a 6 month well baby on Friday...he is 6 1/2 months!!  He took his shots like a champ, a little cry at first, then it was all over...
He weighed 17 lbs 15 oz, so we will call it 18 lbs...he was 26" long!  I thought he was much heavier than that...he has rolls all over the place!!
He has a little eczema on his back, so we got some cram for that...other than that he is really healthy.  
Doc said it was fine that he hasn't ate any solids yet.. he let us know when he is ready. I also told her that I didn't want to feed him any jarred baby food, and she said that it was fine to give him food off our plates, if mashed up or small foods...like toast, pudding and such...

Well, we went to Chinese the other day, and he tore up some white sticky rice, broccoli, and cauliflower ( I mashed it a little), he also loves Cheerios....
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