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Babys Age & Weight

How old is your newborn now and how much does he or she weigh??

Caiden just had his 2 month check up...poor little guy had to get his shots (but he was such a trooper!) and he weighs 13 pounds 8 ounces! And he's almost 24" LONG! He is soo freakin tall! If he was a shorty, he would look extra super chunky, lol! I just can't believe he's over 13 pounds already, ha ha!

I just can't believe how fast all our babies are growing and how old their getting!
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well Mckenna is  two months old today. She went   tuesday for her  two month  checkup and she is 10 lb 10 oz. still a little peanut  but  getting  chunky. She is 22 1/2 inches tall.  She also had to  get her shots and  she did well in the  office  only cried alittle bit but she had  hard few days after with being  cranky .  the docotro laughed and said did u remember that your son weighed this  much at his  two week check up lol! lol  Other than that she  is doing great and  starting to sleep through the  night well  from 1230am to  7 which is  great  for me  yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Lucy weighs around 10 pound 8 ounces, and I'm not sure how long she is. Her 3 month check is coming up (she is 11w4d) and I'll update then..
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Michaela is 11 weeks yesterday.  She weighs 5.75 kg (12.65 lbs).  She is very tall and has chunky legs.  So cute! She's growing like a weed and gaining about 250g a week.

Her next check up is at 4 months (she's not getting vaccinated while I'm breastfeeding her), when I'll get her length and head size again.... Doc says her growth rate is off the charts!  Reckon I must be spiking my breastmilk or something! :)

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At Sarah's 2 month appointment on 3/31, she weighed 11 pounds, 14 ounces and 22.5 inches long. She will be 10 weeks on Tuesday...shes a chunker..and a happy girl!
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Kinlee is 2 month and a week. She got her shots and a check up when she was 7weeks. She weight 8lbs 13.5oz. And she was 22in long. And that was on 2/24.
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jaedyn has his shots this friday so i will find out then.  but he will be 9 weeks tuesday and a week ago i stepped on the scale and then stood back on with him and he weighed 11 lbs.
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Myra is turning 8 weeks on the 16th of this month already!!

She weighs 13 pounds 3 ounces and is 23 inches long!!  She's honestly my chunkiest  =)  

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Brooke will be 9 weeks on Wednesday.  At her appointment today she's 11 pounds 6 1/2 oz and is 22 1/2 inches long.

She got her vaccines today and took them like a champ.  She cried for a few minutes and was ok after that.  I cried along with her.  Since coming home she's been great.  Hopefully it stays that way.

Got a prescription so I can produce more milk for pumping.  When I do pump I only get about an oz each time so this should work and people can finally babysit LOL I've maybe given her the bottle a few times so it should be interesting since all she's used to is the breast.
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Sophia is 10 weeks. She weighs 12.6lbs and is 24 inches.
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Logan is 12lbs 4oz between 22-23 inches. He is almost 9 weeks old. He gets his 2month shots this Wednesday
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Sounds so strange to be adding in my boys who seem so old in comparison to everyone but oh well.
Alex and Ethan are almost three and a half months old. At their two month appt. they did get their shots and weighed 10lbs 6oz and 10 lbs 11oz respectively, they both were 24 inches long. Talk about MISERABLE children after their shots OMG it was a long three days but they did settle down somewhat afterwards. I had begun weaning them off of gentle ease and onto regular enfamil and they continued to be cranky so I am guessing they may be irritated by the lactose so I switched them to similac soy based and it is much quieter in my house between feeding times.
They are sleeping great at night and go from about 9:00pm until 5:00am but they have always been good sleepers at night, when they came home from the hospital they only woke up twice during the wee hours (we had to wake them) so it has not been bad at all.
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jaedyn today at his sick apt was 10.12lbs.  he is going back on firday for his shots and his physical.
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last week lilly was 9.7lbs at 9 weeks shes still only little
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Today at Sarah's sick appointment (shes got a head cold...poor baby!), she weighed in at 13.12 pounds...chunky monkey!!
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Logan had his 8 week shots today and weighed in at 12.14 pounds he will be 9 weeks on Thursday
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During Mikayla's 2 month check up (she was 9 weeks), she weighed 12lbs 2oz and was 23.75 inches long.  Her weight was in the 77%tile and her length was in the 88%tile!
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Sarah went to the docs today bc she has had a diaper rash that just wont go away.

At 12 weeks exactly...she weighed 14.1 pounds...chunker butt!!
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michaela is nearly 14 weeks. she weighs 13 lbs.  don't have her length., but she's tall and slim...next well baby checkup still 3 wks away - when she is 4 calendar months old..
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At 14w1d Lucy weighed exactly 11 pounds (4.990kg). She is such a long skinny thing (she measured 23.8 inches or 60.5cm) considering that she was 8 pound 7 ounces born!
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Aww what a lil peanut Lucy is! Ha, I think Caiden weighed 11 pounds at three weeks old! DH weighed himself just today with Caiden in his arms....than he just weighed himself and the difference was 15 pounds! So it looks like at almost 3 months old Caiden is 15 pounds! He is sooo long though...he was almost 25" at his last appointment which was 3 in a half weeks ago! So his weight is spread out through his height! lol
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Little Miss Chunker Butt Sarah weighed in at 15 lbs, 3 oz yesterday at her sick appt...poor baby has another nose/sinus infection!

Also, my previous post on her 12 week appt....it was 14.12 (so 14 lbs, 12 ounces)...she didnt gain a pound in a week!
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Mckenna is  like 10 and 1/2 weeks old she will be  3 months old on may 11 ans she is soming at  just about 12 lb even  but she is long almotst 24 inches
i was like man my sone  was 12 ounds at his  four week check up lol
she is my long and skinny girl

to lance06
  hope sarah feels better i went throught that with lil miss when she was two weeks old and then again with she was four weeks old did they  giveher anything  for it . they finally tested Mckenna this was before her shots and she had whooping cough. So the gave her an antibiotic and with in days she was better. I hope she and ther rest of u fell better soon
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Thanks! I am going to the docs today and hubby prob tomorrow so we are well and dont pass it back to her once her cold clears up! its a viscous cycle..
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yeah that happens with  kids trust me   I know i have it  going  from my oldest to the youngest then the hubby  and when they are all better i amthe one  who gets  sick lol welcome to parenthood lol   ARe u  runninga  cool mist humidifer ( sp) and using saline up her nose and cleaning it out with  bulb  things (  man i can think of how to  spell it  lol to  tired)  goodluck l;et m know how things go
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