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Babys Weight

Has anyone had their complete U/S yet? Where they estimate your babys weight?? Just curious how all our babies are comparing in size! I sooo want to know how big Caidens going to be when he's born but I know they cant possibly tell you that until your in your last couple weeks of Pregnancy. But I thought it would be fun to compare our babys weight now! Our last U/S I was 22 Weeks 4 Days Pregnant and Caiden weighed 1 pound 4 ounces which the tech said was close to normal. (1 pound 6 ounces is the normal weight for 22 in a half weeks). It was soo cool to finally get a number so I can size him up!! :)
Anyone else know their babys weight??
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At 21 weeks and 3 days my peanut weighed 13 ounces, which Dr. said was normal.
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At 22 weeks, mine weighed in at 398 g.  If I've converted right that's about 14 oz. I think that's pretty normal too.

She's much bigger now.  I feel her kicking all the time.  last night was the first time I put my hand on my belly and actually felt her move against it.

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I believe 16 ounces is equal to a pound...so since you both are a little behind me your babies sound like their the perfect weight! It's so weird to think our babies weigh a pound! It's so crazy how fast they grow!
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At 20 weeks 5 days, my bub was measuring at exactly 500g or
1 pound and one ounce.

I have heavy babies and I'm a little worried about how big this one is going to get...
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i had my big ultrasound  where they measured and looked at his heart, brain, bladder, kidneys and bones but they did not tell me his weight.  they said he was within average amounts.  they also said that it would be my last US if all continued to go well.  i am bummed out now.  i want to know my little ones weight.  how can they tell the weight as the weeks go on?
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Oh, they didn't tell me the baby's weight at the last U/S either...I had the same kind leignanne had...they looked at all the organs...including his little peepee...but did not tell me his weight....DARN!!  At the next one...28 weeks!!
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Yes that is the complete U/S...they tell you the sex and measure everything...head, brain, arms, kidneys etc. They look at everything but usually they tell you the weight. I made sure I asked because I was so curious but I think she was going to tell me anyways. You could always call up your doctor or tech and see if they did record it but just didn't tell you because by now they should have an estimate of how much your baby weighs.
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My little guy weighed 1 pound when I went in for my 20 week u/s.
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At 21.3 weeks they measured one pound and one pound 2 ounces. My family has big babies too!!
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i might have to ask at my check up appointment next monday.  i want to know how much my little guy weighs.
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I just had my ultrasound today at 23 1/2 weeks and she's weighing 1 pound 4 ounces.
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At 27w3d bub now weighs- 1.2 kg,      or 2.6 pounds.
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At 24 weeks 2 days, mine weighed 1 pound 14 oz.

I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow, so there's no telling how much she's gained since then! (by the feel of her bumping around in there, it seems like a lot! :-)
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At 24.5 weeks the boys weighed one pound ten ounces and one pound twelve ounces
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At 24 weeks 4 days Logan weighed in at 2lbs.
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I have never had my OB tell me the weight of our baby at any of our ultrasounds and I am 26 weeks now!! IS that something they should have told me?
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I was told that the weights can start to be determined after 20-22 weeks. I asked my u/s tech to tell me the weight when i went cuz i was curious but i guess they don't always have to tell you...
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due to the high risk pregnancy they have been meauring my little man every 4 weeks. Last time we meaured everything he was 24 weeks and weighing 1lb 5oz. I usually have smaller babies so I am hoping he will be small too. my biggest was 7lb12oz. Smallest 5lb 15oz at 37 weeks. I will find out again on Tuesday where we are at! I will be 28 weeks then.
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